Evanescence’s New Album

Posted: November 5, 2011 in music, news
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Evanescence’s third album is self titled for a reason: 15 years after its formation, the multi-platinum band has made the most collaborative, united album of its career. And it rocks.
“Coming back together is such a beautiful and happy thing,” co-founder and lead singer Amy Lee says of making “Evanescence,” the group’s first album since 2006’s “The Open Door.”  “We’d bring a song to the whole band and arrange it in a group. That’s something that really stands out against the other records. There’s a tight band at the center of everything, giving it a very tangible energy.”

Evanescence at the Rock in Rio Festival in October 2 – starting the world tour for the band’s new album

The cohesion is evident in every note. The album, produced by Nick Raskulinecz (Alice In Chains, Def Tones),  packs a wallop with a unified vision that can only come from a group working together as a creative unit.
Led by Lee’s operatic, passionate vocals, Evanescence has sold close to 25 million albums since its 2003 debut, “Fallen.” The project’s premiere single, “Bring Me To Life,”  snagged the band a Grammy for best hard rock performance. Other massive hits followed, including “My Immortal,” “Going Under,” and “Call Me When You’re Sober,” establishing Evanescence as worldwide tour headliners.
After a break following the conclusion of the tremendously successful tour behind “The Open Door,”  the band— Lee, guitarists Terry Balsamo and Troy McLawhorn, bassist Tim McCord and drummer Will Hunt— came together to write a number of songs for “Evanescence” before heading to Nashville, where, under Raskulinecz’s tutelage, they penned another six songs.
The break between “The Open Door” and “Evanescence” provided the band with much-deserved rest, but also some clarity as to how important what they had created meant to them.

Amy Lee sings the new songs for a public estimated in a hundred thousand people

“I do have a new perspective and a big part of that for me was being able to step away and knowing for certain that I’m here making this record because I love what I do,” Lee says.
Lee spent her time away from the band with her new husband and learning how to lead a “normal” adult life in her adopted hometown of New York City.  “Evanescence is my life’s work. I’ve been working on it since I was a young teenager,” Lee says. “By the time we finishing touring ‘The Open Door,’ I just wanted to nest a little bit… and build a life that didn’t revolve around my being in Evanescence.”
But then the muse came calling and Lee and her bandmates felt an urgent need to express what was building inside of them. “The reason our music is epic and dramatic is because the biggest emotions that I ever feel, the music is the only way to get them out of my heart,” Lee says. “Words alone aren’t enough. It heals my heart to make music.”

“That’s not something I did on The Open Door. The Open Door was all about me and my personal experiences. And there’s some moments on this one that are actually taken from things that I watched go down, from my friends and stuff like that. But really, whatever makes me feel the most, that’s what’s on the record, because that’s what I need to get off my chest.” Amy Lee

1.”What You Want” – Amy Lee, Terry Balsamo, Tim McCord    (3:41)
2.”Made of Stone” – Lee, Balsamo, McCord, Will Hunt, Troy McLawhorn (3:33)
3.”The Change” – Lee, Balsamo, McCord, Hunt, McLawhorn (3:42)
4.”My Heart is Broken” – Lee, Balsamo, McCord, Hunt (4:29)
5.”The Other Side” – Lee, Balsamo, McCord, Hunt    (4:05)
6.”Erase This” – Lee, Balsamo, McCord, McLawhorn (3:55)
7.”Lost in Paradise” – Lee (4:42)
8.”Sick” – Lee, Balsamo, McCord, Hunt (3:30)
9.”End of the Dream” – Lee, Balsamo, McCord, Hunt (3:49)
10.”Oceans” – Lee, Balsamo, McCord (3:38)
11.”Never Go Back” – Lee, Balsamo, McCord (4:27)
12.”Swimming Home” – Lee, Hunt (3:43)
Total length: 47:15

13.”New Way to Bleed” –    Lee, Balsamo (3:46)
14.”Say You Will” – Lee, Balsamo, McCord (3:43)
15.”Disappear” – Lee, Balsamo, McCord, McLawhorn (3:07)
16.”Secret Door” – Lee, Hunt (3:53)

17.”What You Want” (Elder Jepson Remix)    (3:18)


Official Site: http://www.evanescence.com/
Read more at Wikipedia. Enjoy the digital Booklet gallery from the new album.

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