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ENPA, the national board for the animal protection, is the main and the oldest protective association in Italy. Established in 1871 by Giuseppe Garibaldi, Enpa carries out its activities through all those sectors aimed to the safeguard and well being of animals. Body corporate since 1979, non-party, non-profit-making-corporate body, Enpa doesn’t get government financings. It only acts thanks to the help of those who share its same goals.
The board is organized into coordinated regional and local departments. At present, 160 departments are working. Enpa departments manage kennels and cat ponds, make kids at school aware of animals situation, run vet labs and shelter centers for exotic animals, rescue injured animals, cooperate with municipalities to prevent straying.
Moreover Enpa runs a guard corps for animal protection to punish crimes against animals.

160 departments;
500 voluntary guards for animal protection;
3.500 volunteers;
20.000 dogs, cats and other animals took care of every year;
30.000 pets and wild animals rescued every year;
more than 100 shelter centers, recovery centers for urban and wild fauna, and vet labs;
60.000 members and benefactors.
100.000 readers of Enpa newsletter;
1.200.000 monthly contacts at Enpa web site.

Read more at ENPA site clicking here.

Take a look on the publicity campaign of ENPA. Freedom doesn’t have price. Think that could be you. Free an animal.

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