Lavazza Calendar 2012 (+18)

Posted: November 23, 2011 in calendars, news, photographers
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“Every year, the Lavazza Calendar tries new artistic trends and new themes interpreted by an international artist. In an issue as important and memorable for our communication, we wanted to reverse roles and ask to all these great photographers to create self-portraits inspired by our Coffee Express: the result is really exciting”, said Francesca Lavazza, Director of Corporate Image Group.
It is a unique opportunity to see big names in photography, usually hidden by the lens, in the leading role of scenarios and humorous stories, curious, intense, or even surreal. David LaChapelle, for example, presents himself as king of the jungle in a photograph entitled “A normal morning turns into Paradise”, which tells how the coffee is “a tool to put my head to work”, and Erwin Olaf in your photo “My thoughts flying away” says: “when I drink coffee Lavazza, of course I have the human body in mind”.
Valerie van der Graaf, the Dutch model of 20 years old, is the iconic face of calendar 2012, and the protagonist of the Ellen von Unwerth photos, who appears on the cover and blowing out the candles.
“It was amazing to work with such great talents to capture the relationship between their personalities and the coffee in every picture. It was almost like a homecoming, or rather a new interpretation of the slogan ‘Espress Yourself’, so beloved by Lavazza”, said Michele Mariani, Creative Director of the Armando Testa Agency.

See the making of at YouTube:

Learn more about the company clicking here Enjoy the gallery.

© LAVAZZA Calendar 2012, Ellen von Unwerth, cover.

© LAVAZZA Calendar 2012, Erwin Olaf, January.

© LAVAZZA Calendar 2012, Thierry Le Gouãs, February

© LAVAZZA Calendar 2012, Miles Aldridge, March.

© LAVAZZA Calendar 2012, Marino Parisotto, April.

© LAVAZZA Calendar 2012, Eugenio Recuenco, May.

© LAVAZZA Calendar 2012, Elliott Erwitt, June.

© LAVAZZA Calendar 2012, Finlay MacKay, July.

© LAVAZZA Calendar 2012, Mark Seliger, August.

© LAVAZZA Calendar 2012, Annie Leibovitz, September.

© LAVAZZA Calendar 2012, Albert Watson, Ocotober.

© LAVAZZA Calendar 2012, David LaChapelle, November.

© LAVAZZA Calendar 2012, Ellen von Unwerth, December.

© LAVAZZA Calendar 2012, Ellen von Unwerth, back cover.

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