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Lindsay Lohan in Playboy

Posted: December 15, 2011 in celebrities, news, nude
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To avoid any legal problems, I’d put down here just the cover of the Lohan’s edition.

The Lindsay Lohan photos naked in Playboy that leaked to the web last week are running the cyberworld as fast as the lawyers of the Hefner magazine are running after them… Most of the sites or blogs that uploaded the photos, were “invited” to remove all those photos.
But yes, it’s possible yet to see all of those 10 photos before the edition of Playboy with Lohan (the edition had the release anticipated to January) get to the stores.

Click here to see the photos or you also click here.

And make sure of this: Lindsay Lohan as Marilyn Monroe is a sacrilege… That’s not to say they don’t have any similarities.┬áMarilyn is Marilyn, always she will be the icon, the goddess, the most desired sex symbol of all times. Lindsay Lohan is just… Lindsay Lohan. How crap this sounds?

And yes! of course, those photos are photoshopped. And sure her doing the shoot was a desperate cash grab, to pay the costs with lawyers and all the processes she was involved… But we cannot blame her. It’s hard to be a celebrity. Good luck, Lilo. I love you, by the way…