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How many of us have felt an urgent and uncontrollable desire to dance at inappropriate times and places? And how many of us actually do? Why, as we get older, often suppress our excitement and enthusiasm, when we’re in public? At what point did we lose the magic of the fantasy world we have created when we’re child? These issues have been the motto for the American photographer Jordan Matter created the project “Dancers Among Us,” a representation of life as it really should be lived.

Inspired by the plays of his three year old son, Jordan Matter wanted to create photographs that show the world as if it were seen through the eyes of a child. While he was watching a performance of Paul Taylor Dance Company, he knew immediately he had found the perfect partner for this “kidding”. In your head, it all made sense: the dancers are storytellers, are trained to embody exciting moments and their bodies are an impressive combination athletic and artistic.

The project began in spring 2009. No trampolines or any other support used: only good will and many hours of training, and with just that, Jordan and the dancers created a fantasy world, offering us a lengthy and unusual look at scenarios and situations of day-by-day that are so familiar to all of us.

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