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Angry Little Girls

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While studying at the University of California, Lela Lee produced the short film “Angry Little Asian girl – first day at school.” However, this was stowed in a drawer for several years until Lela caught him again and create new episodes. Their stories have received so many compliments that in 1998, she launched the official website of “Angry Little Girls”. Filled with amusing cartoons, the artist focuses on each character a different perspective on anger, “as well as people in real life,” he adds. In April 2005, the stories of the “angry little girls” posted on the site gain printed form. In March 2011, Lela had already released his sixth book. If you’re a fan, you can also find Kim and his friends on t-shirts, mugs, bags and wallets for sale online.


Kim aka “The Angry Little Asian Girl”
She’s one short-tempered little girl, she gets mad a lot and has the mouth of a sailor. When she’s angry, she’ll give the offending party an earful. As she yells out F-F-F, her fists shake and steam comes out of her ears! Her mother is always on her back for something she didn’t do right. She’s always yelling at her on-and-off again boyfriend Bruce. Her best friend is Deborah, Bruce’s sister, but Kim and Deborah always fight too. Kim finds fault with everything and everyone.

Deborah aka “The Disenchanted Princess”
She’s a girl who has it all; beauty, money, cute clothes, great hair, but she’s NEVER happy. She shops often in search of the newest “it” item that’s supposed to bring her the elusive happiness she seeks, but “it” never does. She likes to have tea with Wanda, her confidante who patiently listens to a rich girl’s musings. Deborah has a slight issue with eating and consumption. And she loves Pat, but he’s gay.

Maria aka “The Crazy Little Latina”
She’s quite loopy. She doesn’t look at the world, she looks inside it. She spends a lot of time outdoors. She loves to garden and loves lying under the shade of her favorite tree, staring at the sun. She understands animals, like Chuy the Chicken, her sometimes companion. When there’s cause for celebration, Maria and her buddy Wanda love to do the happy dance. She has deep, insightful observations and often sounds like a kooky, crazy person – but that’s okay with her. She doesn’t mind if people think she’s a bit quirky.

Wanda aka “The Fresh Little Soul Sistah”
Because we all need a friend who ┬ís well-adjusted and positive, (secretly, we hate people like her) She’s Deborah’s tea time confidante. She’s Maria’s happy time dance partner. No matter who she’s with, she will always try her best to point out the positive. She exercises, eats well, and has a super positive attitude.

Xyla aka “The Gloomy Girl”
She’s full of doom and gloom and always finds the most depressing things to say. It’s like a dark cloud of rain follows her, that’s why she carries her ever-present umbrella. Her motto is “the thought of suicide is what keeps me alive.” She tries to find ways to die but is too afraid to go through with it. With the exception of Maria and Wanda, the girls think she is a wet towel and avoid her if they see her.

Pat aka “The Happy Little Boy”
He’s not that bright, but that’s okay, he’s so happy! He’s a sweet boy who is happy to be hanging out with the girls. He prefers talking about bright, pretty things and doesn’t mind the drama the girls create. He has a crush on Bruce, Deborah’s brother. Pat makes Bruce uncomfortable, but Pat and Deborah are like peas in a pod when they get together to talk about clothes, make up and hair.

Bruce aka “The Bad Boy Friend”
He’s a meathead, but he tries. Deborah’s brother and Kim’s sometimes boyfriend. Bruce is Kim’s defeated boyfriend who is confused by his male role in today’s society. Does he pay for his girlfriend or will that offend her? Or if he doesn’t, will she yell at him for being a cheapskate? Poor Bruce. He just can’t win.

Mother Lee aka “The OG ALAG”
OG stands for ORIGINAL or OLD and GRUMPY. She’s always yelling at her daughter, Kim, “Why you no risten!!!” She disapproves of everything Kim does and in her broken Engrish, gives sage advice like, “You ugly, that why you have no friend.” She can’t figure out why her daughter’s so angry. (Like mother, like daughter!)


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