World Orgasm Day?

Posted: July 31, 2012 in love, news, nude
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Did you know today is the World Orgasm Day? Neither I, until a few minutes ago.

No, the World Orgasm Day wasn’t created by condom makers or owners of motel franchises. The World Orgasm Day was informally created in England on 31 July by owners of sex shops. They conducted research that revealed that 80% of British women do not reach a climax in their relationships.

So, stop what you are doing, call your partner and have a great time. But if want to do the right thing, take a look at these eight commandments that you should follow to please your partner still more:

1. Dont forget to buy flowers to her.

2. Don’t forget to bring candies for her.

3. Don’t forget to take her out to dinner.

4. Don’t forget to buy her favourite champagne.

5. Don’t forget to light aromatic candles.

6. Don’t forget to prepare bath for her.

7. Don’t forget to make an erotic massage on her.

8. And after do all the steps above, check out for the most important: never never never forget to buy the Viagra!

If you follow all the eight commandments, congratullations, and be happy!


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