Happy B-Day, Stan Lee

Posted: December 29, 2012 in cinema, comics, movies
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Stan Lee is completing 90! Happy B-Day, Stan!


Stan Lee (born Stanley Martin Lieber, December 28, 1922), is an American comic book writer, editor, publisher, media producer, and former president and chairman of Marvel Comics. In collaboration with several artists, most notably Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko, he co-created Spider-Man, the Hulk, the X-Men, the Fantastic Four, Iron Man, Thor, and many other fictional characters, introducing complex, naturalistic characters and a thoroughly shared universe into superhero comic books. In addition, he headed the first major successful challenge to the industry’s censorship organization, the Comics Code Authority, and forced it to reform its policies. Lee subsequently led the expansion of Marvel Comics from a small division of a publishing house to a large multimedia corporation.

Source: Wikipedia. Read more: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stan_Lee


Stan Lee has had cameo appearances in many films based on Marvel characters that he created or co-created. But where’s Stan in the Marvel movies? Don’t worry, we found him. Click on the image to enlarge.


1) The Trial of the Incredible Hulk (1989)
In the TV-movie The Trial of the Incredible Hulk, Lee’s first appearance in a Marvel movie or TV project is as a jury foreman in the trial of Dr. David Banner.
2) Iron Man (2008)
In Iron Man, Lee (credited as “Himself”) appears at a gala cavorting with three blonds, where Tony Stark mistakes him for Hugh Hefner. In the theatrical release of the film, Stark simply greets Lee as “Hef” and moves on; another version of the scene was filmed where Stark realizes his mistake, but Lee graciously responds, “That’s okay, I get this all the time.”
3) Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (2007)
In Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, Lee appears as himself at Reed Richards’ and Susan Storm’s first wedding, being turned away by a security guard for not being on the guest list. (In Fantastic Four Annual No.3 (1965), in which the couple married, Lee and Jack Kirby are similarly turned away.)
4) The Avengers (2012)
In The Avengers, Lee makes a cameo appearance as a random citizen in the park asked about the heroes saving Manhattan. Lee’s character responds, “Superheroes in New York? Give me a break”, and then returns to his game of chess.
5) Iron Man 2 (2010)
In Iron Man 2, during the Stark Expo, Lee, wearing suspenders and a red shirt and black and purple tie, is greeted by Tony Stark as “Larry King”.
6) Mallrats (1995)
Mallrats is not a Marvel movie, but Kevin Smith made a tribute to Stan gave to him a role in his movie, as himself. Lee has an extensive cameo in the 1995 Kevin Smith film Mallrats. He plays himself, this time visiting the mall to sign books at a comic store. Later, he takes on the role of a sage-like character, giving Jason Lee’s character, Brodie Bruce (a longtime fan of Stan’s), advice on his love life. He also recorded interviews with Smith for the non-fiction video Stan Lee’s Mutants, Monsters, and Marvels (2002).
7) The Big Bang Theory (2010)
Lee appeared as himself in “The Excelsior Acquisition”, a third season episode of The Big Bang Theory, in March 2010. He appears at the front door of his house wearing Fantastic Four pajamas, ultimately calling back into the house, “Joanie, call the police!” to get rid of Sheldon, who showed up after missing a comic book signing at the local store.
8) X-Men (2000)
In X-Men, Lee appears as a hotdog stand vendor on the beach when Senator Kelly emerges naked onshore after escaping from Magneto.
9) Hulk (2003)
In Hulk, he appears walking alongside former TV-series Hulk Lou Ferrigno in an early scene, both as security guards at Bruce Banner’s lab. It was his first speaking role in a film based on one of his characters.
10) Fantastic Four (2005)
In Fantastic Four, Lee appears for the first time as a character that he created for the comics, Willie Lumpkin, the mail carrier who greets the Fantastic Four as they enter the Baxter Building.
11) Spider-Man (2002)
In Spider-Man, he appeared during Spider-Man’s first battle with the Green Goblin, pulling a little girl away from falling debris. In the DVD’s deleted scenes, Lee plays a street vendor who tries to sell Peter Parker a pair of sunglasses “just like the X-Men wear.”
12) Daredevil (2003)
In Daredevil, as a child, Matt Murdock stops Lee from crossing the street and getting hit by a bus.
13) Spider-Man 2 (2004)
In Spider-Man 2, Lee pulls an innocent person away from danger during Spider-Man’s first battle with Doctor Octopus. In a deleted scene that appears as an extra on the film’s DVD release, Lee has another cameo, saying, “Look, Spider-Man stole that child’s sneakers.”
14) Spider-Man 3 (2007)
In Spider-Man 3, Lee appears in a credited role as “Man in Times Square”. He stands next to Peter Parker, both of them reading a news bulletin about Spider-Man, and commenting to Peter that, “You know, I guess one person can make a difference”. He then says his catch phrase, “‘Nuff said.”
15) The Incredible Hulk (2008)
In The Incredible Hulk, Lee appears as a hapless citizen who accidentally ingests a soft drink mixed with Bruce Banner’s blood, leading to the discovery of Dr. Banner’s location in a bottling plant in Brazil.
16) The Avengers (deleted scene)
He also appears in a deleted scene: when a waitress flirts with Steve Rogers, he says to him, “Ask for her number, you moron!”
17) Capitain America: The First Avenger (2011)
In Captain America: The First Avenger, Lee is again used as comic relief, this time portraying a general in World War II, who mistakes another man for Captain America/Steve Rogers, commenting, “I thought he’d be taller.”
18) Thor (2011)
In Thor, Lee appears among many people at the site where Thor’s hammer Mjolnir lands on earth. He tears the back off his pickup truck in an attempt to pull Mjolnir out of the ground with a chain and causes everyone to laugh by asking, “Did it work?”
19) Heroes (2007)
He plays a bus driver in the 16th episode of the first season of Heroes.
20) The Amazing Spider-Man (2012)
In The Amazing Spider-Man, Lee makes a cameo as a librarian at Midtown Science High School, oblivious to the fight between Spider-Man and the Lizard happening behind him.
21) X-Men: The Last Stand (2006)
In X-Men: The Last Stand, Lee and Chris Claremont appear as two of Jean Grey’s neighbors in the opening scenes set 20 years ago. Lee, credited as “Waterhose man,” is watering the lawn when Jean telekinetically redirects the water from the hose into the air.

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