The BSW Calendar 2013

Posted: January 4, 2013 in calendars, models, women
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BSW (Byelorussian Steel Works) is one of the leaders in ferrous metallurgy in Europe, stablished since 1984. The products of BSW, aimed at the fields of construction, automobile industry, machine building, oil production, are nowadays sold well in Europe, the Russian Federation, Middle East and Africa. This is their calendar for 2013.


To continue the tradition of two previous years, the working women of the plant were invited as models and at the beginning of 2012 the competition was announced with the aim to choose models. More than 30 women of BMZ took part in the competition; special commission chose the best ones. Special emphasis was made on appearance and photogenicy of girls. By the way, engineers, a laboratory assistant, an inspector, a student, a kindergarten teacher, a storekeeper and computer operator were in the list of models.

The main conception is that this corporative calendar reflects not simply the role of women in metallurgical production, but their uniqueness and gracefulness. Woman’s body beauty and melted metal beauty are in some way allied; their characteristic features are plasticity and natural attractiveness. Women and metal – are the collection of unexpected and contradicted characteristics. At first sight, steel seems to be firm and hard but in definite conditions it may change its state and become soft and pliable. In case with ladies it’s vice – versa: in spite of their profession and circumstances they are able to be elegant and delicate. And at the same time they may be confident, courageous and strong-willed.


Technical realization of calendar idea was made with the help of light projection of metallurgy technological process images to models. Because of idea difficulty, the session was made in two steps: at first the pictures of images and backgrounds were made in shops and then girls were photographed in the studio.
















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