Dois em Um new album Agora

Posted: March 1, 2013 in music, news
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Since 2009, all those who like good music (and not only good brazilian music) are in love with “Dois em Um” (translated to English as “Two in One”), a brazilian Duo from Salvador, Bahia, formed by Luis Pereira and his wife Fernanda Monteiro. Is not so easy for any independent band gain a place in the sun in the scene of pop music in Brazil or outside the country, but “Dois em Um” deserves all the good critics and fans. Musician and productor Luis Pereira has a great experience with pop music and with her classic musical formation Fernanda plays cello and sings. All the compositions are inspired by a ludic atmosphere of dream and deep enchantement, reaching the soul of the listener.

Dois em Um is releasing their second studio album, named “Agora” (Now), recorded in 2012 and released January 2013, produced by Luis Pereira. The album starts with the title-song “Agora”, written by Mateus Borba and Luis Pereira, followed by “Você tem o que eu Preciso”, written by Ronaldo Bastos and Luis Pereira. You can see the video for “Você tem o que eu Preciso” on YouTube:

To read more about Dois em Um and download the first album from 2009, please click here.


Dois em Um Agora. Cover photo by Mayra Lins.

Visit the Dois em Um channel on YouTube: Dois em Um.

Track List (with the links to hear on YouTube):

01. Agora (Luisão Pereira/Mateus Borba)
02. Você tem o que eu Preciso (Luisão Pereira/Ronaldo Bastos)
03. Saturno (Luisão Pereira)
04. Uma Valsa (Luisão Pereira/Nana)
05. Um Porto (Luisão Pereira/Mateus Borba)
06. Matinê (Luisão Pereira/Nana/João Vinícuis/Fernanda Monteiro)
07. Compadre (Ederaldo Gentil Pereira)
08. Festim (Luisão Pereira)
09. Às Vezes (Tatau Pereira/Expedito Almeida)
10. Mar nos Olhos (Luisão Pereira/Mateus Borba)
11. Eu Aqui (Luisão Pereira/Mateus Borba)

  1. Armando Leiva says:

    Very beautiful music.

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