Duo Osmose: Sensual Version

Posted: May 17, 2013 in dance
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This stunning video is running the world wide web for some months and already has more than 1.783.200 views on YouTube. Duo Osmose is a performance work by French Artistic Olympian Ludivine Furnon and her partner, Martin Charrat.

duo osmose

According to Wikipedia, Ludivine Furnon was born on 4 October 1980, in French, and is a retired Olympic athlete. She attended dance classes at the eight and entered to the gymnastic in 1992, at eleven years-old. In 1996 represented France at the Olympic Games, finishing nineteenth in the all-around. In 2008, Ludivine Furnon was part of the cast of Cirque du Soleil in the production Mystere in Las Vegas.

Thanks to my dear friend Tinkerbell by send me the video. Enjoy.

You can also see Duo Osmose in “Tango Version” on YouTube.

Contact: ludivinemartin57@yahoo.fr

  1. Maria Evangelina Burgalat Abarca says:

    Maravillosamente hermoso. Trasmiten el amor sensual y espiritual a la vez y la alergia de vivirlo.
    No me canso de gozarlo…

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