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Dear non-Brazilian reader.

We need help.

Please, share this post with all your friends and if you have a blog or website help us to show around the world all the lies about the democracy in Brazil. We are living under a fascist state, where the human rights and the constitutional rights are ignored. Dozen of people are being killed all day in a silent “social housecleaning” made by the governments. Dozen of people like the bricklayer Amarildo de Souza are disappearing and being killed every day in the cities. And one more time, please, don’t come to Brazil to the World Cup 2014. We are living under a state of war. Our enemies now are not the military dictatorship, but the politicians who defend the interests of a small group of powerful capitalists and oppress the people of all possible ways.

Thank you for reading this blog. Peace and endurance. #changebrazil #mudabrasil



Updated: Saturday, 02:50 PM.

museuProjection on the wall of the building of the Museum of Art of Rio, in Mauá Square, Tuesday, 15 August.

Protests continue in Brazil. Public buildings are occupied by protesters calling for more transparency and less corruption in legislative bodies. Other protesters are calling for the resignation of governors and mayors accused of improper conduct. The list of demands is too extensive to summarize in a single article. Were over 30 years of negligence and abuses since the end of dictatorship that allowed the people were on the streets on their constitutional right to express themselves. But unfortunately, because of corruption at all levels of government – federal, state and municipal – this right is being explicitly and violently denied by the repressed police and the authorities who use the official media to distort the facts and manipulate the images.

Video containing images of two months of protests, including the pitched battle around the Prefecture of Rio de Janeiro:


Rio de Janeiro:
Monday, August 12, 2013

This week was marked by the strike of teachers of the public school state and municipal, especially the violence suffered by some teachers within the seat of State Government and the attempt of some aldermen of Rio involved with the mob of public transport to stop the “bus CPI”, commission to investigate frauds in the bidding process for the public transports.  Read more here.

Teachers and education professionals of the state tried a meeting at the Guanabara Palace with the governor of Rio de Janeiro for an agreement to end the strike. Teachers ask for better wages and working conditions, but they are not met by the governor. They decide to continue occupying the hall of the building until a representative of the Government agree to a dialogue with them.



The news about the occupation spreads through social networks and demonstrators who were protesting in front of City Hall where there is an occupation of the building and a constant vigil to keep the Bus CPI went to the head office of the State Government, in Laranjeiras. Understand the strategy mounted by the military police to repress this protest:

1) The military police closes the palace with grids and only members of the press can come close to the building, which has the doors closed.
2) Teachers within the palace talk to reporters through the doors.
3) The first pepper spray is triggered on the faces of the protesters behind the grids. In response, a firecracker is launched against the building.
4) The commanding officer ordered people to move away from the Palace and expels journalists to not register what will happen. Some journalists are filming from distance the police action inside the Palace around the teachers who are touching the wall and threatened.
5) The street light is cut to impair vision and recording.
6) The police begin to violently expel the teachers, attacking reporters who are filming all the truculent action. Some teachers fall over each other, others are beaten.
7) Seeing the violence suffered by teachers, the protesters get angry. The police start to attack, firing rubber bullets at close range, tear gas and pepper spray including against members of the press who were filming along containment grid.
8) The protesters disperse but are chased by the police through the streets of Laranjeiras, turned into a war scenario.

Video edited with scenes outside the Guanabara Palace:


Uncut Video of the reporter of the Media Ninja, which broadcast live and shows police action against education professionals:


Wednesday, August 14, 2014

In the early afternoon, a manifestation of the teachers gathered around 15,000 people in Botafogo, in front of the City Palace, the seat of Prefecture the Rio de Janeiro. Again, there was no agreement. Teachers of the municipality decide to remain on strike.


A protest in defense of the state teachers beaten on Monday headed for the Guanabara Palace, but the protesters were stopped on their constitutional right to come and go. The police started attacking the protesters with violence. At another place, protesters began to be arrested arbitrarily without any apparent reason. The prisoners were conducted to the 9th Police Station in Catete. Part of the protesters went to the police station, falling down in the trap of the police again. Understand how it works the police strategy for the people does not manifest:

1) Since the beginning of the demonstrations, unidentified policemen (only alphanumeric codes as A-11, D-03 or E-10) walk on the side the protesters spitting death threats to intimidate people not to go to the protests. Some policemen select the people who will be arrested.
2) The police begin to arrest the protesters as a way to shift the focus of the protests. Many prisoners are bystanders without any involvement in the protests, as a young man who was just going to the dentist.
3) Many demonstrators in solidarity with the people unjustly arrested go to the police station and waste time, dividing itself.
4) Meanwhile police prepares to attack and close the streets for the armored vehicles and riot squad (the “Shock troop”) have free movement.
5) The official media which hitherto were filming everything distant arrive at focus of the demonstration for filming the police action and manipulate the news later.
6) Riot police arrive to evict the protesters, beating, arresting and chasing them through the city streets.
7) The official media manipulates the images, conceals and distorts the facts, saying the protesters began rioting and that all the police action was “legitimate”.

But on Wednesday, the lack of emotional control of the riot police gave one more shot in the foot in the farce mounted by the media to defend the violent actions of the military police.

In front of the 9th Police Station, the 30 detainees were being released 3 on 3 for the simple fact that there are no formal charges against any of them, except one protester, who after being pushed and thrown to the ground by an officer would have insulted him and been arrested for contempt. Protesters are waiting quietly the release all detainees to continue the protest towards to the Guanabara Palace. The rule of conduct of the protesters is always sympathize with anyone who is arrested and wait his deliverance. Before they will be all released, military policemen approached, intimidating protesters who shouted slogans against the police as “aw aw aw little dogs of Cabral”, alluding to the dictatorially way how the Governor of Rio uses the military police to defend their politicians interests.

Edited videos of the battle in front of the 9th Police Station in the neighborhood of Catete:



What you did not see, because the Globe Network did not show, but the alternative media showed:

1) Officer of the riot police in front of the 9th police station launches gas pump in the middle of the protesters. This was the signal for the other cops begin shoot and throw bombs, even after the request of the Inspector of the police station to them to not do anything because the atmosphere was peaceful. The request was ignored.
2) Pump or bullet fired from across the street against protesters, journalists and lawyers from Brazilian Bar Association shattered the glass door of the police station. The protesters are beaten and chased through the streets.
3) Minutes later, a convoy heavily armed of CORE (Coordination for Special Resources of the Civil Police) arrives to protect the surroundings of the 9th police station.
4) Looks like a scene from the movie “Police Academy” but it is real: an officer ordered the driver of the armored vehicle (called “caveirão” or something like “big skull”) to withdraw, but the driver refuses. Annoyed, the officer shoots a jet of pepper inside the driver’s cabin. People who saw the scene, start laughing. An unusual moment of humor amid the general tension. See the video:


5) Identified Captain Helio, the more uncontrolled police officer, accused of launching the first bomb and abuse of authority.
6) The delegate of the 9th Police Station leaves the building and ordered the arrest of several police officers, leading them into the police station under the shouts of the protesters and chants of “u, u, u, was arrested” and “go, go , go, go to the prison.”
7) Gradually, and with his tail between his legs, policemen of the shock squadron leave the place.
8) The policemen arrested were conducted to provide information in the interrogation room.
9) A girl cowardly beaten by a policemen get a recorded video of the moment that suffered aggression and goes to the Police Station to make a complaint against the police officer.
10) Through a phone call, was given the order to release the detained policemen.

Check out the videos uncut, from the beginning of the attacks of the military police in front of the building of the 9th Police Station until the arrest of the police officers for abuse of authority and personal injury. All the videos credits to the Media Ninja reporter BlackNinjaRJ:




Another video in HD shows the time of the arrest of the police officers:


The next morning, Globo Network (the biggest TV network in Brazil) said only that the civil police will initiate inquiry to investigate the action of the military police on charges of abuse of authority. The demonstration that does not even began, was once again violently repressed by the state coward and fascist led by Sergio Cabral and his private militia.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Knowing that the Governor of Rio de Janeiro, Sergio Cabral and the Mayor of the City, Eduardo Paes, were at a dinner in MAR (Museum of Art of Rio) hundreds of demonstrators were to the local to protest, but were violently repressed by the police. Two demonstrators were beaten and arrested by the police, one of them the indian Caya, representative of the Village Maracana, always present in the demonstrations. In Brazil, Indians are considered incapable by law and the arrest of an Indian is not a function of military police, it is responsibility of the Federal Police. But in a state as democratic as Brazil, none arbitrariness committed by military police causes more surprise.

Video with the arrest of the indian Caya. Note the number of police officers to make the arrest of an individual of high dangerousness:



Amarildo Dias de Souza, 43, a married father of six children, was abducted by military police and taken to a Police Pacification Unit where he lived, in Favela da Rocinha, on the 14th of July and was never seen again. For two days, the activist group Anonymous Brazil attacked the website of PMDB, the party of the Governor Sergio Cabral, redirecting the access to this page where it was written:


Amarildo Dias de Souza is a bricklayer and gains half the minimum wage, married, father of six children who are experiencing difficulties, because he has been missing since was abducted by police in the Rocinha UPP.

In 2012 over 2000 people were missing only in Rio de Janeiro. Amarildo represents all of them and more. Fight for Amarildo is to show that we are tired of this political unscrupulous.

So we will continue in the streets and show to all these politicians what we want! And what we want?

Rio wants to know where is Amarildo!

Brazil wants to know where is Amarildo!


pmdbPrint screen of the page hacked of the site of the PMDB.

Watch the video:


We will resist and we will keep fighting for a better Brazil. We count with your help. Thank you for reading this post and share it. You can follow the broadcasts of the protests in Brazil by the independent media on this site. #changebrazil #mudabrasil


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