Brazilians all around the world: the time is coming!

Posted: September 6, 2013 in news
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Dear non-Brazilian reader,
One more time, please help us and stay at safety! Don’t come to Brazil! Don’t come to Brazil now neither to the World Cup 2014. We are living under an exception state. There’s no more human rights or freedom of speech. The mask of the false democracy that ruled the country since the end of the militar dictatorship fell at once. We are living now under a Fascist government.
We are bravely struggling against the governments corruption, against the police violence, against the oppression of justice that defends only the corrupts and the most powerful capitalists and against the manipulative media that controls the information and alienates the majority of the population. Our fellow fighters are being arrested, tortured and having their lives threatened to not to demonstrate. The cowards governments are putting a huge police contingent on the streets with the mission to suppress any act of demonstration and arrest any demonstrator.
They think they will get silence the voice of millions of people who are dissatisfied and were oppressed and exploited throughout all of their lives. Governments are scared because they discovered that the people now have power and voice. They may try to silence our voice by rubber bullets, tear gas, pepper spray and batons. Governments can send the police to kill every one of us, but they will never manage to kill the ideal of freedom which now is what is moving the Brazilian people to the streets.
Help us overthrow these governments fascists that seized the power that belongs to the people. Come to the streets, all Brazilians around the planet. And if you are not Brazilian, but believes it is possible to build a nation with equal rights, social equality and the right to freedom of expression and demonstration, join us! This fight is yours, too.
Argentina, Chile, Turkey, Egypt, Syria, Germany! All the nations around the world, rise up now against your corrupt governments! We have the power because we are the people!
Peace and a better world to all of us.



Follow the protests in Brazil:


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