October 15: the day that never ends

Posted: October 29, 2013 in news
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Please support the social movements in Brazil

Of what use have a constitution that is not respected by those who should obey and respect this constitution? The Brazilian leaders torn the constitution which guarantees freedom of expression and the right to the free manifestation. Dozens of teachers, students, journalists and street performers were arrested on the night of 15 October and taken straight to prison without evidence or trial, accused of terrorism and conspiracy. In the photo below, a man arrested in downtown of Rio that night show the Brazilian Constitution while is being arrested by police and taken to prison.


Please support the brazilian popular uprising that started in June (with the RECORD OF 1 MILLION PEOPLE in the street of Rio) against the crimes of the governments (now bigger with the world cup coming) and police violence in the demonstrations against the people. I beg to all who are reading this post to come together in solidarity to the beautiful fight of the Brazilian people for the end of a lot of barbarism that happening every week in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and others cities in Brazil. Check the videos posted here to see what is the reality in Brazil now, not showed in television. We are living under a fascist state, without human rights and no freedom of speech. The social movements are being criminalized by the rulers and the media, demonstrators are being arrested everyday without proofs e taken to prison without judgement. People are being killed in the streets by POLICE in the name of the fascist governments that rule the country.

In Egypt, Syria, Greece, Italy, France, Chile, Mexico and others countries where are having demonstrations and protests against the political and social situation, the demonstrators are called “rebels”, “dissatisfied”, but in Brazil we are “criminals”, “vandals”, “rioters”, “terrorists” because the media controlled by nefarious Globo TV and others media as Record and Band, and newspapers as Folha, Estadão, O Globo and magazines as Veja are controlled by fascists who support the corrupt rulers as Governor of Rio Sergio Cabral and Governor of São Paulo Geraldo Alckmin, and many criminals politicians as Senate President Renan Calheiros (yes, it’s an ashamed but almost all the politicians in Brazil are corrupt and criminals) that use the police with all their war equipment (tanks, helicopters, rubber bullets, tear gas, pepper spray and REAL BULLETS) to supress the popular movements that took the streets since June.

You can help us just reading this post, watching the videos and learning a little more about the awful true of the social and political situation in Brazil today, and you can help us also sending this post to your friends asking to them to not come to Brazil to the World Cup 2014. Or you can just ignore this and close your eyes to the violence and abuses that we are suffering here in Brazil. We are fighting alone, just the people in the streets against media, politicians, rulers and many of our own people that manipulated by the media, do not know the true about the demonstrations and are condemning the social movements that claims only for better life conditions for everyone, including them own.





This practice to use the media to lie to the nation about protests and demonstrators is an old tactical from the times of the dictatorship that rule Brazil for almost 25 years. But now this is not working because we have the Internet – the only free media in this country – through the social networks as Orkut, Facebook and YouTube where we can organize events, share information and report abuses of politicians, police violence and crimes of rulers. There is already unofficially Internet censorship in Brazil, where networks as Facebook block users or pages of activist content. I even had three profiles blocked and an account disabled immediately after its creation by Facebook. I had to create a page and now I’m using this page to interact with other activists pages. Please visit and like my page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Marcio-Kenobi/618144698250007.

But there is an attempt to create a law to censor and to block content on the Internet as it exists in countries like China, for example, to be voted on by Congress this week: the “Marco Civil”, which will allow the Internet remains free as it ever was, or will allow that its content be censored, blocked or sold in packages by companies or providers as happens on cable TV. If this really happens – and it is almost certain to happen because there is government interest in controlling the freedom of expression that still exists in the Brazilian Internet and powerful groups like Globo, Oi and other providers to profit even more by selling to its subscribers access to content and services that are available free of charge by the creators and servers that host them. It’s an absurd but this is the country of the absurds. If the Brazilian people lose the Marco Civil, will be the end of freedom of expression and democracy in Brazil. We will live a dictatorship even more perverse and violent than in countries like Cuba, China and Syria.

200 Protesters Arrested in Rio de Janeiro: Please Take Action

Reblog from Blog.Witness.Org. Posted on October 17, 2013 by Priscila Néri

Roughly 200 people were arrested by police in Rio Tuesday (15 October) after protests brought thousands to the streets in support of public school teachers striking for better work conditions. According to local reports, this is the greatest number of arrests in one day since the ongoing protests first erupted in June, with many of those arrests having been carried out arbitrarily, randomly and with extreme violence, lack of proper procedures, and the absence of proof or adequate justifications. Here are some images from the night of October 15th:


From the start of the protests in Rio, video has played a pivotal role in helping expose abuse against protestors. Videos have:

All along, an increasing number of livestreamers have also been broadcasting events in realtime to prove the peaceful nature of most protestors (see this video activist livestreaming his own arrest and warning the officer that his actions were being seen by 500 other people).

Videos have provided such useful examples that the collective of lawyers at Advogados Ativistas has used citizen video to illustrate an ongoing thread of instructional commentary on exactly what the law allows and what it does not (see this example of how they’re using video to educate protestors on their legal and constitutional rights).  ”The streets are a practical course in law,” says the collective.

Though violence has been a mark of police response to the public protests since June, the crackdown has intensified recently, with authorities desperate to show they are in control of the situation as sponsors of events like the 2014 World Cup reach out to Brazilian president Dilma to express fears of risks to their profits if the protests continue during the games next year.

This crackdown has come not just in the form of increased violence on the streets, but also in the form of heightened digital surveillance of activists, new laws meant to restrict protests and codify dissent as “organized crime”, and an unprecedented wave of direct targeting of people using video to capture the protests.

TAKE ACTION: Please take a moment to sign and share this petition demanding the immediate release of those arrested in Rio without legal basis.

But activists vow not to bow down, and the spirit of resistance seems to linger despite the violence, as we can see in this video of protestors applauding arrested activists as they’re driven away in a bus:


The Organization of American States (OAS) received on Thursday last, a request to urgently investigate arbitrary arrests committed by the state of Rio against protesters arrested on 15 October. The complaint was made ​​by the NGO Global Justice and the Institute of Human Rights Defenders (HRDs) to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights. Read more here.

No one will left behind

Almost all political prisoners on 15 October were released after spending several days in jail, but one is still trapped in the complex of Bangu: Jair Seixas Rodrigues, better known as Baiano, one of the most fearless activists who participate in social movements and occupations in Rio de Janeiro and therefore the most feared by the fascists who rule the government. Jair was arrested on the night of October 15 while walking through the streets of downtown Rio and remains stuck until today, accused without any material evidence of conspiracy, disobedience, disrespect and burning a police car and being undocumented (arresting people for being undocumented is common practice of the police, and Jair documents were stolen by the police in one of his previous arrests).

Stripped, humble and joyful, he is a simple person, but in his activist life has traveled to over 20 countries around the world and speaks English, French, Spanish and Norwegian. When there was the earthquake in Haiti, Jair participated as a volunteer on a humanitarian mission and carried the bodies of victims. He traveled to South Africa to learn more about the life of Nelson Mandela. Jair was in the United States and lived in Europe. In Salvador he worked with music workshop for street children. Today he works tirelessly on behalf of those who do not access to housing due to intense speculation in Rio de Janeiro.

Jair, or just Baiano, is one of the great warriors and symbols of popular demonstrations of 2013 and his arrest in Rio de Janeiro has enormous symbolic value also for the state, for which someone has to serve as an example, a scapegoat. We can not accept anyone being arrested for speaking out in defense of a more just society, much less a citizen so valuable as Jair. We ask everyone who can to publicize the history of this noble companion and ask for his release.

Video broadcasted live by independent reporter WoodyDudu shows the moment of the arrest of jair. Link original here.


Do not confuse the reaction of the oppressed with the violence of the oppressor

Reports of violence committed by military police against innocent civilians, workers, demonstrators and law-abiding citizens are constants and a sad reality in Brazil. The military police with his military hierarchy, archaic structure and fascist ideology to suppress and intimidate has been committing all possible excesses throughout its existence. With the start of popular protests in Brazil, the function of the police is beating and arresting demonstrators and violently repress any popular discontent.


Why the authorities and the Brazilian elite are so afraid of popular uprisings? Why the mainstream media lies to the public daily, criminalizing legitimate social movements that try to improve the lives and defend the constitutional rights of millions of citizens excluded and exploited by evil system? The answers are confused and get lost in the political history of Brazil. Were 513 years of dictatorship, exploitation and violence against the people and against minorities such as blacks, Indians and slum dwellers. United with a youth politicized and with only a small portion of the population that supports the popular movements, these minorities are gaining voices, losing their fear and are starting to fight for their rights.

girlPolice officer humiliates protester and makes sexual harassment in São Paulo, 25 October. During a demonstration, a policeman stops a young woman and examines their private parts using a flashlight.

The political class are affraid of losing privileges earned through arbitrary and unconstitutional laws. The rulers are afraid of losing their jobs and be prosecuted for corruption offenses. The media which support corrupt rulers and politicians and is supported by them, try at all costs to overthrow the social movements and manipulate public opinion that has no access to alternative media (57% of the population in Brazil does not have access to the Internet and still at the mercy of lies they read in newspapers and see on TV) against these movements.


Here are two facts that had great impact on public opinion by the way the mainstream media manipulated the images. The first is the aggression to a military police, Cel. Reynaldo Simões Rossi, who was beaten by demonstrators during a protest in Sao Paulo, on 25 October. The media – Rede Globo, Record, Band – as always showed only the part that is interesting to them, the scenes of aggression pure and simple. But what they do not say and do not show is that this commander was threatening, searching and repressing protesters with brutality. The photo below shows this same commander pulling a protester on the pavement, what angered those who witnessed the scene.


According to the testimony of the attorney Tabatha Alves, “Colonel ran up to the boy and began to beat, but I think he did not expect that all those that were seeing get revolted and moved ahead to force him to drop the boy. Thereafter, I have not seen more because started the confusion and I pulled away”. But all what the media shows are de 30s of the video showing the attack to the police officer. Presidente Dilma Houssef through her twitter, paid solidarity to the colonel beaten and the images served to put the population even more against demonstrations and members of the anarchist movements Black Bloc and Anonymous.



“Why did you shoot me, sir?”

douglas-rodriguesThe second fact was the murder of Douglas Rodrigues, 17, student and worker, in São Paulo, on this Sunday, 27 October, by a shot triggered by a police officer, soldier Luciano Pires, 31, in Vila Medeiros, north zone of São Paulo. The student was in front of a bar with his 13 years-old brother. “They arrived giving shot from inside the car. I said nothing, did not even reaction of my brother”, said the victim’s brother, in an interview to SPTV. Also in the same interview, the victim’s mother, Rossana de Souza, said he died without knowing the reason for the shooting. “He even asked: ‘Why did you shoot me, sir?'” She said.

The Military Police said the shooting was accidental, when the soldier came out of the car. However, the victim’s brother says the police did not come out of the car. The soldier Luciano Pires was arrested and will answer for manslaughter when there is no intent to kill. In protest, neighborhood residents held demonstrations of outrage during dawn and during the night of Monday, closing Avenida Fernão Dias, one of the main roads of São Paulo, burning buses, trucks, cars and causing depredations. The Riot Police was called to control the situation, which ended with the arrest of more than 90 people. Again, the media used the images of protesters in anger to manipulate public opinion showing the scenes of destruction, and once again putting the public and private property above the value of another human life lost at the hands of a military policeman.



Why the president who hastened to send their solidarity with beaten policeman also did not send a message of solidarity to the family of the boy Douglas, KILLED BY A MILITARY POLICEMAN IN SERVICE? Answer: Hypocrisy institutionalized. One more time, Carlos Latuff, the great cartoonist, defines well the hypocrisy presidential:


Update 30 October: Pressured by the strong rebound of her twitter in defense of Colonel in the alternative media, social networks and Brazilian society, President Dilma Rousseff today lamented the death on Sunday of the 17-year old Douglas Rodrigues, and said the violence in the suburbs of towns are ‘stronger manifestation of inequality in Brazil’. A single sentence of solidarity, however, is not enough in the face of omissions of the federal government against the atrocities and violence committed by police forces in the cities, especially after herself President Dilma ordered the National Security Force to suppress with rubber bullet and tear gas the popular demonstration against the auction of oil last week. Yesterday a new episode involving the death of 16 year old boy by a military policeman in São Paulo, caused further protests. According to police, the teenage was shot by a police officer who reacted to a robbery attempted of him and another minor. The boy came to be rescued, but succumbed to his injuries. Dwellers contest the police version, saying that the young man known as Jean was not bandit, and was killed with three shots: two in the abdomen and one in the head, which points to a summary execution. The Military Police of São Paulo is the biggest killer in the world.

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