Never-before seen Star Wars outtakes

Posted: October 30, 2013 in cinema, movies
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The purchase of Lucasfilm – say, the Star Wars franchise – by Disney begins to bear fruit beyond the expected. The promise of new movies, and the “discovery” of raw footage never seen before. Surely, there is much material to be mined in the basements of Lucasfilm which who knows why never before was included in previous saga editions on DVD and Blu-Ray.

No wonder the Empire lost to the rebel alliance — the storm troopers were so clumsy they fell all over each other. That’s one of many mistakes, falls, and general bumbling in a new Star Wars outtake reel, uploaded to YouTube Sunday. The video is a treat for fans of the film franchise, showing actors Harrison Ford, Alec Guinness and others breaking character after botched lines and missed cues.

The description accompanying the video reveals that the new footage comes from a recently re-released ebook, The Making of Star Wars (Enhanced Edition) by J.W Rinzler. Watch the video — which has no sound for the first 49 seconds — before YouTube remove it based on copyright rights:

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