SW Picture of the Day: Stormtroopers in Rio!

Posted: November 1, 2013 in humor
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Water cannons, war tanks, tear gas, rubber bullets, pepper spray and stun grenades failed to prevent the Rebels from Rio de Janeiro to continue in the streets calling for resignation and imprisonment for corruption of the evil governor Grand Moff* Sergio Cabral. Desperate with the actions of the Rebels Black Bloc and Anonymous that threaten his tyrannical Empire, the evil Governor convened its newest crackdown militia to patrol the streets of south zone and seafront of Rio searching for Rebels demonstrators. Fortunately, no Rebel was arrested or blasted during this special report.

The struggle goes on!

stormtroopers-in-rioThe evil governor Grand Moff Sergio Cabral calls Stormtroopers to finish at once with demonstrations of Rebels who cause chaos in the streets of Rio de Janeiro.

(*) Grand Moff was the title given to the Regional Governors of Oversectors. These sectors, also called Priority Sectors, were locations that were of special interest to the Emperor. These included the Imperial capital of Coruscant and the Death Star. The system was used by a number of governments: Odile Vaiken was the first Grand Moff of the Sith Empire, while Wilhuff Tarkin was the first Grand Moff of the Galactic Empire, and held authority over multiple Priority Sectors.

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