Ukraine: Power to the People

Posted: February 26, 2014 in countries, news
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The Ukrainian people gave an example of how to fight a corrupt, criminal and oppressive government, and especially an example of how to bring it down. The Ukrainian revolution is a model and inspiration for other oppressed and exploited people to rise up against their oppressors – Venezuela, Egypt, Syria, Brazil, Mexico and wherever else there is injustice, oppression and worms like Viktor Yanukovych, a fascist worm who thought he could exploit and humiliate the people just because he had an institutionalized militia under his command.


Wanted: Dead or Alive, but better he is dead


Manhunt for Ukraine’s deposed president as he is accused of ‘mass murder’ of civilians after protester deaths – but he may already be safe in hands of Russian forces. Last facts:

1. Acting interior minister Arsen Avakov says on his Facebook profile Viktor Yanukovich is a wanted man
2. He was reportedly last seen in Sevastopol, a port on Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula
3. But extraordinary claims have emerged today that he was sneaked out of the port by Russia
4. It comes as official reveals EU could coordinate $35bn in aid Ukraine says it needs
5. Meanwhile, the Russian press describes the fall of the Ukrainian president as a coup d’etat
6. Russia has also recalled its ambassador in Ukraine for consultations on the ‘deteriorating situation’


Read more about the Ukranian Revolution:

A.C.A.B. Ukraine

Riot police in Ukraine fell to their knees to ask for forgiveness for their colleagues who shot and beat antigovernment protesters in the recent Kiev massacre. The extraordinary scenes in Lviv involved the Berkut elite anti-riot force whose members had returned from duty in the capital. They apologised on a stage in front of pro-Europe protesters.



‘I am asking you to forgive us,’ said an officer who stood in front of other men. In memory of those who were killed, we want to kneel down.’ The officers were greeted with chants of ‘Shame!’ and ‘Tribunal’ but they stressed they had not killed or beaten people themselves.


Read more and see the full video here:

Ukraine will never be the backyard of Russia

And you fascist worm, pray every night to you do not be the next to fall…

ukraine_russiaRussia’s President Vladimir Putin (left) shakes hands with Viktor Yanukovich during a meeting at the Kremlin in Moscow, on December, 2013. Photo: Reuters

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