Help to stop the torture of animals

Posted: May 3, 2014 in animals, news

imageIf you live in the USA this mission is for you:

STOP Cruel Cosmetics Tests on Animals in the U.S.

No law in the U.S. requires that cosmetics and household products be tested on animals, but an industry group has been working to change that by pushing for regulations that would result in an increase in cruel tests on animals.

Animals need YOU to urge the cosmetics industry, federal regulators, and Congress to put a stop to this!

Here’s what you need to do: Take a moment to let decisionmakers know that no cosmetics product or ingredient justifies inflicting suffering on animals and that America must never allow cruel product tests on animals.

Send a polite note to:

Kathleen Sebelius
The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Lezlee Westine
President & CEO
Personal Care Products Council

Read more:

My Beauty Bunny


My Beauty Bunny (TM) is THE award-winning, number one, cruelty free beauty blog. They will help you to find the best hair, skin, makeup and other beauty products NOT tested on animals! My Beauty Bunny focuses on finding the best in beauty from companies who do not test on animals. Read more:

Take just one action and you will help to stop the cruelty against animals. Don’t buy nothing from any of those companies below.












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