Football fan killed after being hit by toilet bowl in Brazil

Posted: May 5, 2014 in countries, news
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Read the latest news from the country of the FIFA Word Cup

1A fan was killed in clashes outside a football stadium in Brazil late on Friday when he was hit by a toilet bowl thrown from the stands.

If you tell that to someone who lives outside Brazil, he will find that this is bad joke. But it’s true. What is unbelievable to any civilized people in this wild country that is Brazil, violence in stadiums (inside or outside) has become commonplace.

Fan killed after being hit by toilet bowl in Brazil

A police officer in Recife said the death occurred on Friday at Arruda Stadium after a second-division match between Santa Cruz and visiting Parana. He spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to the press. The officer said fans ripped three toilet bowls out of stadium restrooms and threw them from the stands. He said one hit and instantly killed a fan he identified as Paulo Ricardo Gomes da Silva.

The incident comes six weeks before Brazil hosts the World Cup. Five tournament games will be played in Recife, although none at the Arruda. The city will host World Cup matches at the new Arena Pernambuco. The Brazilian football federation said it was ”preventively closing” the Arruda until authorities finish their investigation and a sports tribunal makes a ruling on the case.


Also this weekend, authorities detained more than 40 people because of fan fighting outside the stadium that will host World Cup matches in the nearby city of Natal where fans clashed before a match between rival clubs ABC and America in a test event at the Arena das Dunas on Saturday. Police officer Roberto Andrade told the UOL website that the fighting began when a small group of America fans crossed into the path of ABC supporters on their way to the stadium. The ABC fans went after the rival group, throwing rocks and pieces of wood at them until officials intervened. Andrade said fans from both clubs were detained and taken to a police station for interrogation. The match marked the only official test event at the Arena das Dunas before the World Cup in June. The stadium will host four tournament matches.

Violence involving fan groups are common in Brazil, and the number of incidents escalated last year.

Text: Read more:

Amazing confession of World Cup security chief: ‘FA is freaking out over safety in Rio’

We are at 6 weeks from the beggining of the World Cup games but the increase of violence in Rio de Janeiro, where will played the final match of the tournament, is frightening the FA (The Football Association, also known simply as the FA, is the governing body of football in England) executive staff. FA head of security Tony Conniford said senior figures in the England set-up were ‘freaking out’ over reports of crime and violence from Rio’s gang-ridden shanty towns, or favelas, the largest of which,  Rocinha, is near England’s hotel. Mr Conniford, a 30-year veteran of Essex Police, told the Brazilian, an ex-military officer: ‘The problems here have been all over the papers. It’s bad. I get calls from management, from my bosses at the FA, freaking out saying, “Tony, are you sure it’s safe?”

9I4A8740.jpgEngland’s hotel is located within view of the Rocinha favela in Rio where armed gangs are being targeted by police.

As more than 50,000 England fans prepare to descend on Brazil, it is hard to imagine they have much idea of what actually awaits them. The host cities for England’s first games – Manaus, São Paolo and Belo Horizonte – are plagued by robberies, murders and muggings. São Paolo has its own slum problem and, in Manaus, a steaming jungle city a four-hour flight north of Rio, child ‘gangs’ roam the streets robbing visitors at knifepoint. Source:

To understand what’s happening in Brazil, read the message spray-painted on this train car:

trainWe’re less than two months away from World Cup 2014, and things couldn’t be going worse in Brazil.An entire subway car in Rio with a “F*CK FIFA” graffiti piece on the side…

But that’s just the beginning of Brazil’s problems. Vice President John Coates of the International Olympic Committee recently called Rio de Janeiro’s preparations for the 2016 Olympics – which it’s also hosting – “the worst” he has ever seen. “The IOC has formed a special task force to try to speed up preparations,” he said in a statement. “But the situation is critical on the ground.”

According to his report, construction on many of the venues is severely behind schedule. Infrastructural delays and ongoing concerns over “water quality” aren’t helping either. The $14 billion games, combined with the World Cup preparations, have also resulted in forced evictions, indecent working conditions and low pay for construction workers charged with renovating stadiums. Yet Coates remains adamant in his conviction: “[There] is no plan B. We are going to Rio.”


Then there’s the crime problem. Nearly 20,000 families have been forcibly relocated from homes near stadium sites, with little or no compensation, while an estimated 38 “pacification units” and 9,000 police officers currently occupy 174 favelas, home to 600,000 people. Yet violence in the city has only increased. Frequent and “deadly clashes” between gangs and law enforcement have fostered an environment of constant fear for residents, many of whom are “afraid to stay out at night.” Read more:

Rio de Janeiro anticipates security arrangements for the World Cup

Frightened by the increasing violence in the city in the first three months of the year, security officials decided to bring forward the security scheme planed during the games of the World Cup. In one more desperate attempt by the authorities to curb the growth of violence, starting today (5) there was an increase of 2000 military policemen on city streets.


Data from a survey of the Secretariat of Public Security of Rio, showed alarming numbers: the number of robberies to restaurants and other commercial establishments in the city of Rio has increased 85% in the first three months of the year compared with the same period last year . The robberies to pedestrians also increased about 43%. The murders, when there is intent to kill, grew 1.67% in the capital and 44.92% within the state. The number of seizures of drugs and guns in the state increased by 69.63% and the incidence of acts of resistance was higher, about 61.05%. The police claimed that he had to kill criminals to preserve life itself. Source:

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