The FIFA big circus has started

Posted: June 12, 2014 in countries, news
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Earlier on Thursday, June 12th, a demonstration called “If Do Not Have Rights, Will not Have Cup” in support of Metro employees laid off because of the strike that lasted almost a week in the capital of the state of São Paulo and against the hosting of the World Cup, took the chaos to the east side of the town. Again, the fascist government of Geraldo Alckmin sent the riot police to dialogue with the protesters with their usual diplomacy. Inside the unfinished stadium Corinthians Arena, President Dilma Rousseff and FIFA President Joseph Blatter were praised by the crowd with shouts of  “Dilma go f*ck yourself” and “Blatter go f*ck yourself”. Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull sang for an unmotivated public. A very poor opening ceremony for the billions of dollars of taxpayer thrown in the trash. Read more here.

Credits for the photos: Fabio Braga/Folhapress, Nelson Antoine/Associated Press, Ernesto Rodrigues/Folhaspress.






6Posters with photos of workers who died in the works of stadiums are seen during the demonstration near the Carrão station on the east side of São Paulo, on the opening day of the 2014 World Cup.







In Rio de Janeiro, the city that will host the final match and the closing ceremony of the World Cup, protesters and police clashed. Several protesters were arrested and some were injured. Leia mais aqui.

Rio de Janeiro:rio-de-janeiro

As in Porto Alegre, in the south, where there was turmoil and destruction (read more here), several protests against the host of the World Cup promise to shake the main cities in Brazil in the next days.

CNN journalists were injured during protests

Two journalists from CNN were injured during anti-Cup protest nearby Subway Carrão in São Paulo. CNN correspondent Shasta Darlington and CNN producer Barbara Arvanitidis were slightly injured while covering the protest in Sao Paulo, on this Thursday. A tear gas canister fired by police hit the team. Darlington suffered a minor cut on her arm and Arvanitidis was hit on her wrist when they broadcast the protest live for CNN. The video is available on the CNN website here. They received medical care in an emergency room of Vila Alpina, east of São Paulo, and were released. Protesters were trying to march toward Corinthians Stadium, site of today’s opening World Cup match.

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