SW Picture of the Day: Leia goes to the beach

Posted: October 27, 2015 in movies
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After defeating Jabba and escape from slavery, our heroine takes a good time on a beach far, far away with some friends and… her daddy???


Since Return of the Jedi debuted in theaters in 1983 geeks around the world have fallen in love with Princess Leia’s metal bikini, but we only saw her being pawed by Jabba the Hutt. Back to the 1980s we got to see a lot more of Leia in these vintage funny Star Wars photos published on Rolling Stone magazine’s August 1983 edition promoting the third Star Wars movie. I already had seeing one or two pictures but it’s the first time I found the complete series including an interview with Carrie Fisher. Behold the glory of Slave Leia frolicking on the beach. It’s great to see how much fun Carrie Fisher has in the costume because we already know she hated wearing it in the movie. And, oh my God, she is absolutely stunning.












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