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Hi, this blog is closed for now. I’m out of blogging for a while, but if you are a gamer and lover of Star Wars Commander, I have a message to you!


After 2 years playing Star Wars Commander and after pass through lots of squadrons as Cybertron, BlackPhase, AshenFederation, Elite Imperial and Empires_Squad, I got tired of all those stupid squads, with their stupid leaders, officers and members, and all their stupid rules. I decided to make my own squad to host my Level 10 Empire base as “mkenobi”. Now I make my own rules, and I used my stored Reputation Points to buy some perks to start my new squad AndroidsDream. The squad name is reference to “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?” from Philip K. Dick novel that inspired Ridley Scott film’s Blade Runner, one of my favorite movies of all time.

basemkenobiDetail of my Level 10 Empire base “mkenobi” in the Star Wars Commander Windows Version.

Now, I need you to join AndroidsDream squad. I’m alone there and I can’t running donate or receive objectives, and I can’t get more rep points to the squad. If you are a Star Wars Commander for Windows active player with an Empire base, you can join AndroidsDream. I offer my 2 years know-how playing SWC, all Level 10 troops and vehicles you need to let your Squad Center always loaded and your base protected, and the chance of be promoted after good services to the squad. All you have to do is join AndroidsDream, by the Search on Featured Squads in Star Wars Commander:


Check the Squad Overview below:


Hope you join AndroidsDream and help me to make this the SWC best squad ever! More details on the AndroidsDream Squad Page on Mos Eisley Chronicles. Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see you soon!