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So, you have a cat and you love it to bits. It doesn’t matter if it’s a fluffy ball of love and purrs or a sofa dictator ready to rip you apart with their sharp claws, you still love it and that’s just how it goes. But graphic designer Claude Combacau has sketched up this series of comic images, called “Catsass“, that lets us know what the latter kind of cats might actually have in their minds. Or, to put it more accurately, it is about what the “owners” of this particular kind of cats fear they’re actually thinking when they witness their cats run off out of the blue like they’ve been stung by a bee or something.

Claude Combacau believes that her comic is exactly that, the fears of these owners solidified. She, too, has a cat, although not even close to being half as mean as the one portrayed in his comic. A minimalistic black-lined on white background comic that focuses on what really matters: what cats think.

If Combacau’s right, then maybe it’s a good thing they can’t talk, after all. Source: Art-Sheep.

















International Cat’s Day?

Posted: February 20, 2014 in animals
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Well, in many countries there are different days to celebrate this date. For example, World Cat Day is celebrating on 17th February in many countries, as well is on AUgust 8, date most known as the official World Cat Day. Searching on the Internet, I found others dates recognized as World Cat Day: in Russia falls on March 1st, and in the U.S. on October 29.

But for cats, kittens and the people of the Internet, every day is cat day – which is why it came as a surprise to some of us that an “International Cat Day” actually exists! Yes, and they say is today 20th February.

International Cat Day was officially created in 2009, thanks to the efforts of cat lovers on social-networking sites, especially Facebook and Twitter, who wanted to educate people about how to correctly care for felines and promote the animals’ rights in light of abuse and abandonment.

The date marks the death on February 20, 2009, of Socks, the most famous cat to live in the White House, who moved into the presidential residence with Bill Clinton’s family in 1993. The tuxedo cat, who was adopted by first daughter Chelsea Clinton when her father was governor of Arkansas, became a media darling, with his image being used to raise money for animal shelters.


Socks went to live with the former president’s secretary, Betty Currie, when the Clintons left the White House. Curry had Socks euthanized in 2009, when he was 19 or 20, because he was suffering from kidney problems, a thyroid condition and cancer of the mouth and jaw.

OK, let’s go to celebrate! Happy International Cat’s Day!





















Cats: Women’s best friends?

Posted: April 30, 2012 in animals, women
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The following article was written by Joe Taksel and originally appeared on PETA Prime.

A recent article in Time magazine reports on a new scientific study confirming what many of us “cat people” have known all along: Cats and their humans, especially women, form strong social bonds and a mutual understanding based on affection — and maybe just a little indulgence.
The researchers closely followed nearly every interaction between 41 cats and their human families over a lengthy period. What they found was that both the cats and their guardians responded to the other’s desire to interact — in everything from petting to being held to playing games. The study took the old concept that a cat’s behavior toward humans was based solely on the animal’s desire for food and stood it squarely on its head.
What the researchers observed was true mutual social attachment (i.e., love) as well as a return of affection by cats who were previously shown affection by their guardians. The humans and the cats were observed having direct influence over each other’s behavior. The study showed that the dynamics underlying the relationship between mutually adoring cats and their humans are nearly identical to human-to-human bonds.
So once it’s established that humans and cats form special social bonds with each other, how do we explain the fact that most cats prefer to interact more with women than men? Cat-loving men, take heart! Thanks to this study, we may finally have the answer. The observed cats repeatedly returned affection to the human who had previously shown affection toward the cat, and that human was female most of the time. The corollary to that observation would be that if the human who interacted most with the cat were a man, the cat would return the affection to the man.
Disclosure: I am a male, and I can attest to the depth of love, affection, and understanding that exists between a man and a cat. Whether I’m playing hide-and-seek with a cat, talking to a feline friend (yes, I had a cat who loved a multisyllabic chat), or just nodding off for a nap induced by a kitten’s hypnotic purr, I can say unequivocally that cats are this man’s best friend.
What is your relationship with your cat like?








Any similarity is purely unintentional…

Trivia by Wikipedia: Jack Nicholson’s line, “Heeeere’s Johnny!”, is taken from Ed McMahon’s famous introduction to The Tonight Show, starring Johnny Carson, and was improvised by Nicholson during the filming of Stanley Kubrick “The Shining”. The door that Jack chops through with the axe near the end of the film was a real door. Kubrick had originally shot the scene with a fake door, but Nicholson, who had worked as a volunteer fire marshal, tore it down too quickly. It’s an iconic scene from one of the greatest terror movies ever made.

Fashion cat

Posted: April 19, 2012 in animals, humor
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Cat’s life is not easy… Each owner with his mania …