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Map goes on sale in Oxford for £60,000 after being found inside novel belonging to illustrator Pauline Baynes

Source: The Guardian. Text: ScreenRant.

Blackwell’s Rare Books in Oxford, England is exactly the sort of place you would hope to find a piece of literary treasure. So it is fitting that a special map has recently been discovered within an old book here – a map that ties a fantasy place that we have seen envisioned in books and on screen, with reality.

J.R.R Tolkien’s Middle-earth is an intricate fantasy universe where his novels (The Hobbit and The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy) take place. The discovery of this map is particularly significant because it has been annotated by the author himself, his edits giving an insight into his inspiration for these vast lands he described so vividly.

Tolkien’s Middle-earth novels were published between 1936 and 1955 and quickly came to be regarded as classics, appealing to both child and adult readers. Peter Jackson’s film adaptations of the books brought new life to the stories in this century, as advances in CGI allowed the range of fantasy creatures and epic locations to be created with justice on screen. It is the illustrated maps of Middle-earth featured within the novels that aid understanding of the geography described within the works – a vital guide to these stories about legendary journeys across continents.

Ian McKellen, who played Gandalf in Jackson’s Middle-earth movies, has posted a pic of said annotated map online:

The annotated map was discovered tucked into a copy of Lord Of The Rings that belonged to illustrator Pauline Baynes – who had been commissioned to create the map in color for an edition of the books to be published in 1970. Both Tolkien and Baynes have annotated the map and their notes reveal that some Middle-earth locations were in fact based on real places.

3585The notebooks reveal that Hobbiton is on the same latitude as Oxford, and imply that the Italian city of Ravenna could be the inspiration behind Minas Tirith. Photograph: Blackwell’s Rare Books. Source: The Guardian.

The Guardian has reported that ‘Hobbiton’ shares a latitude with Oxford (where Tolkien taught at the university). In addition, Jerusalem, Belgrade and Cyprus are referenced and it seems Ravenna, Italy inspired the Middle-earth city ‘Minas Tirith’. In addition to these details, the map conveys the exacting nature of Tolkien’s design and working process. Blackwell’s (which is exhibiting the map in Oxford) has been quoted, clarifying the implication of their discovery:

“Before going on display in the shop this week, this had only ever been in private hands. One of the points of interest is how much of a hand Tolkien had in the poster map; all of his suggestions, and there are many, are reflected in Baynes’s version……. The degree to which it is properly collaborative was not previously apparent, and couldn’t be without a document like this. Its importance is mostly to do with the insight it gives into that process.”

Check out a portion of the annotated map, below:


Tolkien’s extensive mythology indicates a mind that was as exacting as it was creative. The collaboration with Baynes (who also worked with Tolkien’s long-time friend and author C.S. Lewis) proved to be paramount in creating the iconic illustrations we all associate with the Middle-earth novels. This discovery is important from an academic point of view but also a marvelous gift to fans of both the books and the movies alike.

The map can be viewed through Blackwell’s if you are in the UK, or purchased… if you care to part with $92,118, that is.

Earlier on Thursday, June 12th, a demonstration called “If Do Not Have Rights, Will not Have Cup” in support of Metro employees laid off because of the strike that lasted almost a week in the capital of the state of São Paulo and against the hosting of the World Cup, took the chaos to the east side of the town. Again, the fascist government of Geraldo Alckmin sent the riot police to dialogue with the protesters with their usual diplomacy. Inside the unfinished stadium Corinthians Arena, President Dilma Rousseff and FIFA President Joseph Blatter were praised by the crowd with shouts of  “Dilma go f*ck yourself” and “Blatter go f*ck yourself”. Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull sang for an unmotivated public. A very poor opening ceremony for the billions of dollars of taxpayer thrown in the trash. Read more here.

Credits for the photos: Fabio Braga/Folhapress, Nelson Antoine/Associated Press, Ernesto Rodrigues/Folhaspress.






6Posters with photos of workers who died in the works of stadiums are seen during the demonstration near the Carrão station on the east side of São Paulo, on the opening day of the 2014 World Cup.







In Rio de Janeiro, the city that will host the final match and the closing ceremony of the World Cup, protesters and police clashed. Several protesters were arrested and some were injured. Leia mais aqui.

Rio de Janeiro:rio-de-janeiro

As in Porto Alegre, in the south, where there was turmoil and destruction (read more here), several protests against the host of the World Cup promise to shake the main cities in Brazil in the next days.

CNN journalists were injured during protests

Two journalists from CNN were injured during anti-Cup protest nearby Subway Carrão in São Paulo. CNN correspondent Shasta Darlington and CNN producer Barbara Arvanitidis were slightly injured while covering the protest in Sao Paulo, on this Thursday. A tear gas canister fired by police hit the team. Darlington suffered a minor cut on her arm and Arvanitidis was hit on her wrist when they broadcast the protest live for CNN. The video is available on the CNN website here. They received medical care in an emergency room of Vila Alpina, east of São Paulo, and were released. Protesters were trying to march toward Corinthians Stadium, site of today’s opening World Cup match.


Some images are better than thousand words. It is a tradition for the Brazilian people to decorate the streets of major cities with drawings, colors and themes in the years of the World Cup, but this time the themes are different from the past editions of the tournament.

Grafitti throughout Brazil are expressing dissatisfaction of millions of Brazilians with the World Cup and FIFA. The drawings mentioning removals of poor people from their homes, the corruption of Brazilian politicians in partnership with the organization and the precarious situation of basic services such as health compared to the sumptuous government spending on the tournament.

Already are classic images as the boy crying for food while it only has a single ball on the plate, signed by painter and graffiti artist Paul Ito and the train with gigantic inscription “Fuck Fifa”. Ito is one of the most active names in criticism Cup.

Cup for who?

At next, some of great graffiti against FIFA and the World Cup.






























With the blood of thousands of innocent people injured, tortured and killed in the name of order will start the FIFA big circus.


Why we do not want this World Cup?

Because the Brazilian people are tired of being humiliated by politicians liars, opportunists and corrupted. Because the Brazilian people are tired of seeing people dying in the queues of hospitals without receiving medical care. Because the Brazilian people are tired of seeing their children without access to education. Because the Brazilian people are tired of paying the highest rate of duty in the world without receiving anything in return. Because the Brazilian people are tired of corrupt and hypocritical politicians who only create laws for their own benefit. Because the Brazilian people are tired of the violence, of not having security to go to work or go to the streets. Because the Brazilian people are tired of the violence of the police forces – the police of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro are the biggest killers in the world. Because the Brazilian people are tired of not having jobs and don’t have a decent wage while the costs for the World Cup is estimated at R$ 30 billion or US$ 13,9 billion, with the reform of the Maracana stadium costed alone R$ 1 billion or US$ 465 million. Do you think it is fair?). Because the Brazilian people are tired of the precarious, inefficient and expensive public transport. Because the Brazilian people are tired of the promises and lies of governments that betrayed the trust of those who elected them. Because the Brazilian people are tired. The people that are on the streets are shouting they are tired of all of this.

But despite all the problems (unfinished stadiums, unfinished works, scrapped airports, poor public transport, strikes, protests, increasing violence and social chaos promoted by various groups opposed to the event) it seems that the World Cup circus will start on 12 June.

8nhnobr6maWith posters of “Will not have Cup, will have strike” and “We need schools, not stadiums”, teachers on strike protest during the hotel leaving of the Brazilian national football team on this Monday (26), in Teresopolis. Source:

The new Brazilian dictatorship

And all these corrupt politicians and rulers want is to profit with the event and show a false image of the country to impress foreign tourists. The old strategy from the times of the military dictatorship that tried to make Brazil to enter into the First World through the back door creating great works that consumed public property and are now abandoned (do you remember or heard about the Trans-Amazonian Highway? No? See photos here and read about here). Just as the fascists and murderous generals who led Brazil and ordered useless works at touch of cash, the current government of President Dilma Rousseff (as fascist and murderous as the militaries) is using the World Cup and the 2016 Olympics to burn public money, profit with the works and the events and, just as in the past, using the corrupted media (read Globo TV) to deceive and alienate the people and make all of us to believe that all this is necessary for the development of the country.

The lies of this fascist government that controls the country and the capitalist groups that are using the image of President Dilma Rousseff (an ex-guerrilla fighter of the times of military dictatorship which have corrupted herself like every Brazilian politician who reaches a certain degree of power) to create a fake sense of order and make people ignorant thinking the World Cup is required. Because of this, still there’s a considerable portion of the population that does not know the truth. That’s because the only access they have to information is through the corrupt media that invents lies and hides the truth just because not only defends the interests of these groups as well will profit with the event: Globo Network, the largest cancer in the media sector in Brazil, which supported the military dictatorship in the years 60 and 70 and now supports the capitalist dictatorship that was installed after the fall of the military regime in the early ’80s.

The World Cup is needed for whom?

For bums and corrupt politicians as governors of Rio de Janeiro Sergio Cabral and Governor of Sao Paulo Geraldo Alckmin, who pocketed millions of dollars in illicit and overpriced construction contracts? For Odebrecht and Andrade Gutierrez contractors who made ​​millions of dollars from overpriced contracts to perform useless works in host cities and stadiums that will not be finalized in time for the start of the games? For FIFA, which will pocket millions of dollars from broadcasting rights and advertising during games? For Globo Network that will broadcast the World Cup games and have the rights of transmission until the World Cup 2022? For the football clubs who will inherit the stadiums used for the World Cup? For the real estate companies that will sell the buildings constructed in areas that were valued for being close to the stadiums or experienced some improvement work – this after the former residents were expelled from these locations because of the real state speculation? Sure.

dilma-stadiumPresident Dilma Rousseff inaugurated the Corinthians Arena, venue for the opening ceremony of the World Cup. The stadium is unfinished and with many design errors that do not meet the FIFA requirements. (Photo: Fernando Dantas / Gazeta Press). Source:

But the excuse is that the World Cup will bring tourists who will spend lots of money in the country. Yes, but they will spend on hotels, restaurants and services, whose owners already have money. Furthermore, in a month all the tourists are gone and the revenue from these sectors will return to normal. A month of profit for one or another sector of the economy of a country justifies this huge spending with the cost of an event like the World Cup? Yes, if there is corruption as it exists in Brazil. If it was not an advantage to these corrupt politicians, there would be no World Cup in Brazil. If is going to have a World Cup, is because some (few) people are profiting (very) with the event: politicians, TV stations owners, contractors and owners of business groups that control the main products and services offered in the country.

Think about it: why Brazil was chosen to host the World Cup 2014 even with all the difficulties and needs of the country to conduct such events? Because FIFA is very kind and wanted to give the World Cup to Brazil? NO. Because no civilized and developed country in the world was interested in hosting the World Cup because they know because of its past experiences that host major sporting events such as the World Cup only causes chaos and damage. In addition, other countries also interested were offering worse situation than Brazil. Do you can think about a World Cup being realized in Colombia?

And the improvements in the cities that will host the games?

What improvements? Evict people from their homes to build stores and parking lots and then sell all to the real estate speculation? Tell the police and army to occupy strategic areas of these cities on the pretext of is guaranteeing the safety of tourists when in fact the function of these agents is to terrorize the population to do not undertake violent protests against the governments and the hosting of the World Cup as happened in June and July last year? All cities that will host World Cup matches are being shaken by strikes, protests, increasing violence and do not received any investment in health, education and public transport.

ecdfrfThe Armed Forces occupied the favelas Maré Complex on April 5th. Since then reports of confronts between residents and the security agents are frequents. (Photo: Carlos Moraes).

Cup for whom?

For the black and poor favela resident who will see the Brazilian team plays on television or for the rich white who can afford the expensive ticket to watch the World Cup games in the stadiums? A challenge if you will watch the games on TV: try to find a black person in the stands of stadiums. For the street vendor who will sell popsicles and water (because the sale of alcohol is prohibited in the surroundings of the stadiums) and may even have two weeks of profit, but what about when the World Cup is over? To the citizen who will have drastically altered their routine with dozens of street closures, dozens of unfinished works and services overpriced due to the increase in demand for these products and services?

World Cup? If this was good for any country, every country in the world would want to conduct one.

But even with all the social chaos, violence and corruption in her government and delays in structural works such as airports and stadiums unfinished, what Mrs. Dilma Rousseff says about the World Cup?

“I am proud of our achievements. We do not have to be ashamed of and we do not have the mutts complex” – presidente Dilma Rousseff.

Really, Mrs. Dilma? Read what the people think about the FIFA World Cup, painted in a train wagon in Brazil:


And what Mrs. Dilma Rousseff thinks about the protests against the World Cup in Brazil?


And what Mr. Joseph Blatter – the FIFA’s president – thinks about the World Cup in Brazil?

“The Brazilians are a bit unhappy as they have been promised a great deal. Brazil is the sixth biggest economy in the world and when Mr Lula was elected president he promised to improve the country. But to improve it requires the willingness of the people to work. Society has become divided” Joseph Blatter, in an enterview to a Swiss newspaper  (read here).

Really, Mr. Blatter? Do you think can call Brazilian people of vagabonds (“it requires the willingness of the people to work”) and throw garbage in our backyard and get away like this? This is my personal message to you, Mr. Blatter:


And this is my message to Mrs. Dilma Rousseff, Mr. Sergio Cabral, Mr. Geraldo Alckmin, Mr. Eduardo Paes, Mr. Aldo Rebelo, Mr. Pelé, Mr. Eike Batista, Mr. Ronaldo, Globo Network and everyone who are supporting this f*ck World Cup in my country! Go to hell!


I will turn off my TV and radio in the next month and I will see movies and write about them to my movies blogs (Assim Era Hollywood and Cult Movies). I’ll be back when this shit have finished. It’s not because I hate football, it’s because of everything about this goddam World Cup.

Why you should not come to Brazil to the World Cup?

Well, here are all my posts until now explaining why you should not come to Brazil to the World Cup, but you can read my Editorial in English clicking here.

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How you can help us to spread the true about the World Cup around the world?

You can help the Brazilian people just supporting the protests in Brazil as the Greek people and the German people in the photos below – and DO NOT COME TO BRAZIL TO THE WORLD CUP.

greece-protestTranslate from the Greek: LAWN IRRIGATED WITH BLOOD OF THE POOR.


You can also help us sharing this post and the videos below. It’s a little late to avoid people to come to Brazil, but even they come, they will come knowing all the true about corruption, violence, dictatorship and the lies for World Cup 2014.




And thank you very much for reading this Blog. I will back in July.

Portuguese text:

Porque nós não queremos uma Copa do Mundo?

Apesar de todos os problemas (estádios inacabados, obras inacabadas, aeroportos sucateados, transporte público deficiente, greves, protestos, violência crescente e caos social promovido por diversos grupos contrários à realização do evento) parece que o circo da FIFA vai começar mesmo no dia 12 de junho.

A nova ditadura brasileira
Tudo o que esses políticos e governantes corruptos querem é lucrar com o evento e mostrar uma falsa imagem do país para impressionar os turistas estrangeiros. A velha estratégia dos tempos da ditadura militar que tentou fazer o Brasil entrar para o Primeiro Mundo pela porta dos fundos realizando obras grandiosas que consumiram o patrimônio público e agora estão abandonadas (você se lembra ou ouviu falar da Transamazônica? Não? Veja fotos e leia mais aqui). Da mesma forma que os generais fascistas e sanguinários que comandaram o Brasil e ordenaram obras inúteis a toque de caixa, o atual governo (tão fascista e sanguinário quanto os militares) está usando a Copa do Mundo e as Olimpíadas de 2016 para queimar dinheiro público, lucrar com as obras e o evento e, da mesma forma que no passado, usar a mídia corrompida (entenda-se Rede Globo de Televisão) para enganar o povo alienado e fazer crer que tudo isso é necessário para o desenvolvimento do país.

As mentiras do governo fascista que controla o país e dos grupos capitalistas que usam a imagem da presidente Dilma Rousseff (uma ex-guerrilheira dos tempos da ditadura militar que se corrompeu como todo político brasileiro que alcança certo grau de poder) para criar um senso de ordem na população ignorante de que a Copa do Mundo é necessária, ainda há uma parcela considerável da população brasileira que desconhece a verdade. Isso porque o único acesso que eles tem à informação é através da mídia corrupta que inventa mentiras e esconde a verdade porque ela não só defende os interesses desses grupos como vai lucrar com a realização do evento: a Rede Globo de televisão, o maior câncer do setor de mídia no Brasil, que apoiou a ditadura militar nos anos de 60 e 70 e agora apoia a ditadura capitalista que se instalou após a queda do regime militar no começo dos anos 80.

A Copa do Mundo é necessária para quem?
Para políticos vagabundos e corruptos como os governadores do Rio de Janeiro Sergio Cabral e de São Paulo Geraldo Alckmin, que embolsaram milhões de dólares em contratos ilícitos e obras superfaturadas? Para as empreiteiras Odebrecht e Andrade Gutierrez que faturaram milhões de dólares com contratos superfaturados para a realização de obras inúteis nas cidades-sedes e estádios que não vão ser finalizados a tempo do início dos jogos? Para a FIFA que embolsa milhões de dólares com os direitos de transmissão e publicidade durante os jogos? Para a Rede Globo que vai ser a única emissora de TV a transmitir os jogos da Copa? Para os clubes de futebol que herdarão os estádios utilizados para a Copa do Mundo? Para as imobiliárias que venderão os imóveis construídos em áreas que foram valorizadas por estarem próximo aos estádios ou sofreram obras de melhoria – isso depois que os antigos moradores foram expulsos desses locais por conta da especulação imobiliária? Com certeza.

Mas a desculpa é que a Copa do Mundo vai trazer turistas que vão gastar rios de dinheiro no país. Sim, mas vão gastar com hotéis, restaurantes e serviços, cujos proprietários já tem dinheiro. Além disso, daqui a um mês todos os turistas vão embora e o faturamento desses setores voltará ao normal. Um mês de lucro para um ou outro setor da economia de um país justifica tamanho gasto com a realização de um evento como uma Copa do Mundo?

Sim, se existe corrupção como a que existe no Brasil. Se não fosse uma vantagem para esses políticos corruptos, não haveria Copa do Mundo no Brasil. Se tem, é porque algumas (poucas) pessoas estão lucrando (muito) com o evento: políticos, donos de emissoras de TV, donos de empreiteiras e grupos de empresários que controlam os principais produtos e serviços oferecidos no país.

Pense bem: por que o Brasil foi escolhido para sediar a Copa do Mundo mesmo com todas as dificuldades e carências do país para realizar eventos desse porte? Por que a FIFA é boazinha e queria dar a Copa do Mundo para o Brasil? NÃO. Porque nenhum país civilizado e desenvolvido do mundo se interessou em sediar a Copa do Mundo porque eles sabem por conta de experiências passadas que sediar grandes eventos esportivos como esse só provoca caos e prejuízos. Além disso, os outros países também interessados ofereciam condições piores do que o Brasil.

E as melhorias nas cidades que vão sediar os jogos?
Que melhorias? Expulsar as pessoas de suas casas para construir lojas e estacionamentos e depois vender tudo para a especulação imobiliária? Mandar polícia e exército ocupar áreas estratégicas dessas cidades com a desculpa de garantir a segurança dos turistas quando na verdade a função desses agentes é aterrorizar a população para que não realizem protestos violentos contra as mentiras dos governos e a realização da Copa do Mundo como os de junho e julho do ano passado? Todas as cidades que vão sediar jogos da Copa estão sendo abaladas por greves, protestos, aumento da violência e não receberam nenhum investimento em saúde, educação e transporte público.

Copa para quem?
Para o negro pobre da favela que vai ver sua seleção jogar pela televisão ou para o branco rico que pode pagar um ingresso caríssimo para assistir os jogos da Copa dentro dos estádios? Um desafio caso você for assistir os jogos pela TV: tente achar um negro nas arquibancadas dos estádios. Para o vendedor ambulante que vai vender picolé e água (porque a venda de bebida alcoólica é proibida no entorno dos estádios) e pode até ter duas semanas de lucro, mas e depois que a Copa acabar? Para o cidadão que vai ter sua rotina drasticamente alterada com ruas interditadas, dezenas de obras inacabadas e serviços superfaturados por conta do aumento da demanda por esses produtos e serviços?

Copa do Mundo? Se isso fosse bom para alguém, todos os países do mundo iriam querer realizar uma.

hr-gigerHans Rudolf Giger
5 February 1940, Chur, Graubünden, Switzerland – 12 May 2014 (aged 74), Zürich, Switzerland

Alien designer H.R. Giger dies at 74

The Swiss artist and designer of Ridley Scott’s Alien, H. R. Giger, has died aged 74. Giger died in hospital on Monday (12) after he fell down stairs at his Zurich home.

Source: BBC News.


Born in 1940, Hans Ruedi Giger was best known for his ‘Xenomorph’ alien in Scott’s sci-fi horror masterpiece for which he won a visual effects Oscar in 1980. He studied architecture and industrial design in Zurich and was known for creating strange dreamscapes.

Meticulously detailed, Giger’s surrealist paintings were usually produced in large formats and then reworked with an airbrush and usually feature scenes of humans and machines fused together. Giger described his style as “biomechanical”. One of his pieces in particular – Necronom IV – inspired the alien killer in Sir Ridley’s hit film. He also worked on Alien 3 (1992) and, more recently, appeared in a documentary about director Alejandro Jodorowsky’s unmade film of the book Dune.



Stewart Jamieson a friend and colleague of the artist said it was “natural that people will look at Alien as being his biggest impact because of its attention but his legacy is far more than that”. “He was one of the primary surrealist artists of his generation,” he told the BBC. “He never considered himself a film designer, he was an artist and Alien was a different canvas for him to work on.”

British film director Edgar Wright tweeted: “RIP the great HR Giger. The Swiss surrealist who made night terrors into unforgettable art. We will miss you.”



Giger’s vision of a human skull inside a machine appeared on the cover of Emerson, Lake and Palmer’s 1973 album, Brain Salad Surgery. He also designed covers for Debbie Harry’s solo album, Koo Koo.

Despite the dark nature of Giger’s work, Mr Jamieson said: “The old adage that you can’t judge a book by his cover was appropriate with him. He was a very sweet man. The first time we met, I was amazed by how generous and shy he was.” In 1998, Giger opened his own museum in Gruyeres, Switzerland, which alongside his own paintings and sculptures, displays works from his own art collection from the likes of Salvador Dali, Dada and Ernst Fuchs. The museum is run by the artist’s wife, Carmen Maria Scheifele Giger. In December 2004, Giger received the prestigious award, La Medaille de la Ville de Paris, at Paris City Hall.




Last year, he was inducted into the Science Fiction Hall of Fame in Seattle, along with fellow inductees, David Bowie and JRR Tolkien. His work has also been exhibited around the world, including recent retrospectives in Hamburg, Germany, Moscow and Istanbul.

Film Contribution:

Dune (designs for unproduced Alejandro Jodorowsky adaptation of the Frank Herbert novel; the movie Dune was later made in an adaptation by David Lynch.)
Alien (designed, among other things, the Alien creature, “The Derelict” and the “Space Jockey”)
Alien 3 (designed the dog-like Alien bodyshape, plus a number of unused concepts, many mentioned on the special features disc of Alien 3)
Alien: Resurrection
Poltergeist II: The Other Side
Killer Condom
Species (designed Sil and the Ghost Train in a dream sequence)
Batman Forever (designed radically different envisioning of the Batmobile; design was not used in the film)
Future-Kill (designed artwork for the movie poster)
Tokyo: The Last Megalopolis (creature designs)
Prometheus (the film includes “The Derelict” spacecraft and the “Space Jockey” designs from the first Alien film, as well as original extraterrestrial murals created exclusively for the new movie. Unlike Alien: Resurrection, the film credited H. R. Giger with the original designs.)

Read more: Wikipedia.