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And how about an imperial AT-AT having a dog day afternoon? When you think you have seen everything about Star Wars fanmades there’s always a new thing to see. When Patrick Boivin was a boy he had two wishes: have a dog and have a Star Wars AT-AT from Kenner toys. When Patrick became an adult he united his two wishes in one.





Watch the original video or click to watch the making of.

Star Wars Silent Movie

Posted: June 3, 2014 in humor, movies
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If any Star Wars movie had been made in the early years of cinema, how it should look? Well, this little movie called Anachronisme maybe give us an idea. May the Force be with you!

During an appearance on BBC Radio 1 for The Matt Edmondson Show in promotion of his upcoming film “X-Men: Days of Future Past”, Hugh Jackman was handed the lyrics to “Wolverine: The Musical”. You’ve never heard “Who Am I?” from “Les Miserables” sung like this before: “Who am I? Am I a superhero with some claws? Or just an actor searching for applause?” Watch the performance in the video below.



You can check out another version (with puppets) of this awaited supershow on YouTube just clicking the image below:


You can’t get naked unless you put clothes on first

Clothes aren’t just clothes: lots of the things we wear are closely intertwined with sex. For example, the color red really DOES make you more attractive to the opposite sex. And ties? Guess where they’re pointing. 

We all know that well-chosen clothes can be more sexy and provocative than full nudity. But have you ever stopped to think about how the way we wear is directly related to the sexual interest that we tease on the others? This is what this video shows. From a lot of research (related below), the video tries to explain how clothes and accessories that we use in our daily lives affect our sexual behavior.

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VVS: Say NO to vertical videos

Posted: February 17, 2014 in humor
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Recently I watched a video recorded by a smartphone and I realized how awkward and uncomfortable is for us to see a video in vertical position – I say, not we in vertical, but the video that was recorded vertically. Then I remembered a campaign launched two years ago and now I decided to join. I take this opportunity to ask of all smartphone owners to join the campaign against the VVS (Vertical Video Syndrome) and Say No To Vertical Videos.

Not only are the thick black pillarbox bars on either side of the video extremely annoying, but the human eyes are designed to see the world in widescreen. That’s why they sit side-by-side, and not on top of each other. And sure, sometimes it’s just easier to hold your phone vertically in one hand to capture a scene. But if you take the extra second to turn it sideways and use two hands, you’ll capture loads more resolution and the footage won’t look like you’re riding out an earthquake.

Seriously, though — turn your freaking phone sideways. How hard is that?