About this blog

Hi and welcome!

I’m glad to see you here and I hope that you find something useful. If you like something, please be my guest to post a comment.

The intention was to make of Marcio Kenobi a photo blog. All that I love in the world would be here in images: movies, music, nature, animals, photo, books, arts, poetry, people, etc. And of course, make of this Blog a space to share my love for the Star Wars movies, and other things about fantasy and sci-fi.

And now the sad new…


I’m sorry, but this Blog is closed. I will not make more posts for a while. My time is too short now and I can’t spend it here anymore, because I have another things to do in my free time. But I’m happy because I know I made good posts here that attracted the attention of thousands of people since this blog started on May, 2011. See the stats for February 27, 2016.


There are much things for you see here. More than 550 posts not even all about Star Wars or fantasy and sci-fi. So, please take a look in the left column and search for what you like clicking on tags and categories. I hope you like such as I of all of that.

From now on – with all those new movies coming soon and all fresh news about Star Wars, I’ll take care and use my secondary blog Mos Eisley Chronicles to continue sharing all my love for the Star Wars movies and its Expanded Universe. So, it doesn’t matter if you are a Padawan or a Jedi Master, a Lord Sith or a Knight of Ren, if you like Star Wars maybe you want to visit Mos Eisley Chronicles and see my personal collection of pictures, news and all kind of info about Star Wars.


Thanks for visiting All That I Love and come back anytime. Hope to see you again some day. May the Force be with you.

kenobiAbout the author: Marcio Kenobi (mkenobi) is a Brazilian Jedi Master fighting the tyranny and trying to bring more pop culture to the Old Republic. Join me!

More about Marcio Kenobi:

ASSIM ERA HOLLYWOOD (Portuguese Blog for classic movies)
CULT MOVIES (Portuguese Blog for revered films and fantastic cinema)

Disclaimer: All images posted here were found on other sites on the Internet and I suppose that all of them are in public domain. If you are the owner of any image posted here, please contact me and it will be removed from this blog as soon as possible.

  1. tigerclaws says:

    I really enjoyed reading and going through your blog!!

    A very comprehensive, encompassing, well written and archived blog… Keep up the great work!


  2. Thanks for enjoy this blog

  3. Bart says:

    I enjoyed your blog. I re-posted many of your images on my Pinterest page. Are you on Pinterest?

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