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The end of an English institution

Nuts closure largely due to ‘tsunami of internet porn’


Nuts, the weekly that along with arch-rival Zoo shook up the men’s magazine market a decade ago but attracted criticism for their sexist portrayal of women, is now closed. It’s hard to believe, but if you need to see with your own eyes go to the site and you’ll see this:


Nuts launched in January 2004, just ahead of Bauer Media’s Zoo, and at the height of its popularity had an average weekly circulation of more than 300,000. However, both magazines have suffered years of sales decline, along with most other paid-for titles in the men’s sector. Nuts had a circulation of just over 53,000 in print in the second half of 2013, according to the latest official ABC sales figures, plus nearly 9,000 digital editions. Zoo, which has always lagged behind Nuts in sales terms, had a circulation of less than 30,000 in the same period.

Nuts and Zoo’s circulations dropped by one third year on year in the second half of 2013, after both titles’ publishers pulled them from Co-op stores. This came after they refused the supermarket chain’s demand that both magazines be distributed with modesty bags to shield pictures of naked women from shoppers. The retailer said it was acting on the concerns of its customers when it ordered Nuts, Zoo, Front and Loaded to hide their lurid front covers or be taken off its shelves.

Nuts and Zoo were defined from the outset by publishing more overtly sexual content than more expensive monthly rivals such as Loaded and FHM, which were forced go more downmarket in response. However, after 2007 sales of both weeklies went into longterm decline, not least because readers who wanted to look at scantily clad, topless or naked women could find far more risqué material online for free.

Nuts (2004 – 2014)

top-posts-all-that-i-loveThe closure of lads’ magazine Nuts is largely down to a “tsunami of internet porn”, which is in itself a reason for “slight despair”, according to one of the UK’s most senior female journalists. Eleanor Mills, editorial director at the Sunday Times, said the demise of Nuts was “a sign of progress” in terms of representation of women in the media, “but the reason it’s closing fills me with slight despair”.

“Unfortunately the reason why Nuts and those lad mags are not doing well is because of the absolute onslaught, tsunami of internet porn out there,” Mills said during a Women in News session at the Advertising Week Europe conference in London on Tuesday. “Why do you need to buy Nuts magazine when with two clicks you can see a million images of tits much more graphic than you can see in Nuts?”

The end of the printed edition of Nuts Magazine as well the website also means no more posts like these on All That I Love: Nuts 100 Sexiest Babes 2012 and Nuts 100 Sexiest Babes 2013. The two posts together have over 2,500 hits on this blog only in one week (at right).


The Final Issue

Warning: curves ahead (+18 or NSFW)

As sales are dropping, it’s getting more difficult for printed magazines to survive. This month the curtain for the famous British Nuts Magazine also falls. Say goodbye with this final photoseries… Click to enlarge the images.
































800.000 Hits!

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You can’t get naked unless you put clothes on first

Clothes aren’t just clothes: lots of the things we wear are closely intertwined with sex. For example, the color red really DOES make you more attractive to the opposite sex. And ties? Guess where they’re pointing. 

We all know that well-chosen clothes can be more sexy and provocative than full nudity. But have you ever stopped to think about how the way we wear is directly related to the sexual interest that we tease on the others? This is what this video shows. From a lot of research (related below), the video tries to explain how clothes and accessories that we use in our daily lives affect our sexual behavior.

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SW Picture of the Day

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These are difficult times for the Empire. Due to strong cost containment imposed by the Emperor, Darth Vader now leaves his Tie Fighter at home and goes to work by subway…

Have a nice weekend!


6A man walks past with a football in his hand as Brazilian Police Special Forces members stand guard. On this Tuesday, deadly protests have broken out in the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro following the death of a young man allegedly beaten by police.


Police kill about five people per day in Brazil

Protests against the absurd spending with the achievement of the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympics in Brazil earn every week new and frightening chapters. Recently, desperate with the increasing violence in the state, the governor of Rio de Janeiro and apprentice of Nazi Sergio Cabral went to Brasilia with a chamber-pot in his hand asking for help to President Dilma Rousseff to fight the criminals who were attacking the police in the slums (and what the liar media and opportunistic politicians call of “communities” we call slums as are known the ghettos in which the Brazilian favelas became in the last two decades).

Dilma should have plans to turn this asshole in minister in her next mandate, quickly rushed to send thousands of soldiers of the National Security Force to combat the criminals, but she forgot that the biggest criminals operating in Rio de Janeiro, beyond Governor of the state Sergio Cabral and his lackey and jester Mayor Eduardo Paes, who should be behind bars for successive reports of mismanagement and corruption, are the military policemen – rabid dogs trained to beat and kill workers, students and poor citizens who struggle for their rights and better living conditions in the slums. Police in Rio de Janeiro is corrupt in its majority – those who are not corrupt, eventually are killed by their colleagues or suspended from their duties by not adapting to the system – as well as psychotic and unprepared police.

The UPPs (Pacifying Police Units) are a scam in every way. In place of traffickers who controlled the slums, come the military policemen forming a kind of institutionalized militia supported by the government and protected by justice that does not punish crimes committed by police officers. The military police has no honor or moral. Acting as brute beasts, they practice extortion, robbery, humiliation, beatings, rapes and murders. The number of deaths in “pacified” favelas is greater today than at the time when were controlled by traffic. Partly because the police in Rio de Janeiro, the Brazilian police in general, behave like thugs at the behest of corrupt politicians who are themselves nothing more than stereotypes of the former colonels of the times the Brazil Empire.

The slums have become the new Quilombos, but as we are in the time of the World Cup, foreign tourists who come to Brazil can not see the misery and violence which the poor are subjected here. As part of the project of SOCIAL CLEANING imposed by the governments – end poverty by eliminating all the poor – hundreds of people are killed or reported missing every year in Brazilian favelas, most of them killed by the police. Those who are not killed are driven from their homes by false housing projects and their homes are demolished to make way for property speculation with the construction of shops and parking lots.

The Governor of Rio de Janeiro Sergio Cabral shown his fascist and dictatorial side when it declined to hear the voice of the people who took to the streets in protest against his corrupt government since June last year. Coward like every Brazilian politician, he does not appear in public unless he be heavily guarded by his militiamen wearing uniform of the military police, and whenever a new protest happens, he sends his rabid dogs to attack the population in the most violent and cowardly manner: against the firefighters on strike, against the medical professionals of IASERJ and the striking teachers, students and workers protesting against the increase of the buses passages and now against the poor of the slums which are tired of being beaten in silence and now are taking the streets of neighborhoods like Copacabana and Leblon and spread panic among the ruling bourgeoisie.

The attacks of criminals against the Police Pacification Units (UPPs) and allegations of crimes committed by UPP policemen since the beginning of the pacification project in 2008 only reinforce the farce that involves the UPPs. The Governor Sérgio Cabral showed his true face Nazi-fascist, the slums of Rio de Janeiro became new ghettos, real concentration camps where people live trapped, oppressed, abused and have denied their constitutional rights, as the most basic of all, the right to come and go and manifest. The military police act as soldiers of the German SS and Police Pacification Units are the new Gestapo spreading fear in the communities they are supposed to protect. After Amarildo de Souza and Claudia Ferreira, Douglas Pereira becomes more a number in this cruel statistic that says the police kill about five people per day in Brazil.

That’s the reality of this country of hypocrites, where only fools and those who will profit from the event are celebrating the completion of a World Cup with the construction of football stadiums at a cost of R$ 1.2 billion (this is the value of the Maracanã reform, the second in less than 10 years) and billions are invested in “facade work” only to impress the foreign tourists, and nothing, or virtually nothing, is invested in health, education, security and transport. Do you still want to come to Brazil for the World Cup?

I will not comment the murder of the young Douglas Pereira, dancer from a program of TV Globo, possibly by the military police from the Favela Pavão-Pavãozinho UPP on this Tuesday, and that led to the revolt of the residents of these communities against this fascist and criminal police. The case has gained prominence in the major newspapers and news websites in the world, showing the true face of this Third World country, underdeveloped (there is no such thing as this euphemism “emerging”, Brazil is a underdeveloped country even), of chaos, violence and corruption, but still dreaming enter the First World through the back door by performing world events such as World Cup and Olympics. The realization of a World Cup worth the dignity, health and lives of millions of poor Brazilians? Unfortunately, to politicians like Sérgio Cabral, Geraldo Alckmin, Eduardo Paes and Dilma Rousseff the answer is yes.


5 pessoas morrem por dia no Brasil pelas mãos da polícia

Os protestos contra os absurdos gastos com a realização da Copa do Mundo 2014 e das Olimpíadas 2016 no Brasil ganham a cada semana novos e assustadores capítulos. Recentemente, desesperado com o aumento da violência no estado, o governador do Rio de Janeiro e aprendiz de nazista Sergio Cabral foi à Brasília de penico na mão pedir ajuda à presidente Dilma Rousseff para combater os criminosos que estavam atacando as forças policiais nas favelas (e são favelas e não comunidades como os imbecis da mídia e políticos oportunistas chamam os guetos nos quais as favelas brasileiras se transformaram nas duas últimas décadas). Dilminha que deve ter planos para transformar esse imbecil em ministro do seu próximo mandato, rapidamente se apressou em enviar milhares de soldados da Força Nacional de Segurança para combater os criminosos, mas ela esqueceu que os maiores criminosos que atuam no Rio de Janeiro, além do próprio Governador do Estado Sergio Cabral e seu lacaio e bobo da corte Prefeito Eduardo Paes(palho), que deveriam estar atrás das grades por sucessivos desmandos e denúncias de corrupção, são os próprios policiais militares – cães raivosos treinados para espancar e matar trabalhadores, estudantes e cidadãos pobres que lutam por seus direitos e por melhores condições de vida nas favelas. A polícia do Rio de Janeiro é corrupta em sua maioria – os que não se corrompem, acabam mortos por seus colegas ou afastados de suas funções por não se adaptarem ao sistema -, além de psicótica e despreparada.

As UPPs são uma farsa em todos os sentidos. No lugar dos traficantes que controlavam as favelas, entram policiais militares que formam milícias institucionalizadas amparadas pelo poder público e protegidas pela justiça que não pune crimes cometidos por policiais. Os policiais militares não tem honra nem moral. Agindo como bestas irracionais, eles praticam extorsão, roubos, humilhações, agressões, estupros e assassinatos. O número de mortes nas favelas pacificadas é maior hoje do que na época em que eram controladas pelo tráfico. Em parte porque a polícia do Rio de Janeiro, em geral a polícia brasileira, se comporta como jagunços a mando de políticos corruptos, que por sua vez nada mais são do que estereótipos dos antigos coronéis dos tempos do Brasil império. As favelas se tornaram o novo Quilombo, mas como estamos em época de Copa do Mundo, os turistas estrangeiros que virão ao Brasil não podem ver a miséria e a violência as quais as populações mais pobres são submetidas. Como parte do projeto de FAXINA SOCIAL imposto pelos governantes – acabar com a pobreza eliminando todos os pobres – centenas de pessoas são assassinadas ou dadas como desaparecidas todos os anos nas Favelas brasileiras, a maioria assassinada por policiais. Os que não são mortos, são expulsos de suas casas por falsos projetos habitacionais e suas casas são demolidas para dar lugar à especulação imobiliária com a construção de lojas e estacionamentos.

O Governador do Rio Sergio Cabral assumiu seu lado fascista e ditatorial quando se negou a ouvir a voz do povo que foi às ruas em protesto contra o seu governo corrupto desde junho do ano passado. Covarde como todo político brasileiro, ele não aparece em público exceto quando está fortemente protegido por seus milicianos usando uniforme da polícia militar, e sempre que há um novo protesto, ele manda seus cães raivosos atacar a população da forma mais violenta e covarde possível: os bombeiros em greve, os médicos do IASERJ, os professores em greve, os estudantes e trabalhadores que protestaram contra o aumento das passagens, os pobres das favelas que se cansaram de apanhar calados e agora tomam as ruas de bairros como Copacabana e Leblon e levam o pânico à burguesia reinante.

Os ataques de criminosos a postos das Unidades de Polícia Pacificadora (UPPs) e as denúncias de crimes cometidos por policiais dessas unidades desde o começo do projeto de pacificação em 2008 apenas reforçam a farsa que envolve as UPPs. Em 2014, o número de policiais mortos nesses primeiros meses do ano é equivalente a todo o ano de 2013. O Governador Sérgio Cabral mostrou sua verdadeira face nazi-fascista, as favelas do Rio de Janeiro se tornaram guetos, verdadeiros campos de concentração onde a população vive acuada, oprimida, violentada e tem seus direitos constitucionais negados, como o mais básico de todos, o direito de ir e vir e de se manifestar. A polícia militar age como soldados da SS alemã e as Unidades de Polícia Pacificadora são a nova Gestapo. Depois de Amarildo de Souza e Claudia Ferreira, Douglas Pereira torna-se mais um número nesta estatística cruel que diz que a polícia mata cerca de cinco pessoas por dia no Brasil. Leia mais aqui.

Essa é a realidade desse país de hipócritas, onde se comemora a realização de uma Copa do Mundo com a reforma e a construção de estádios de futebol ao custo de 1,2 bilhão de reais (como foi a reforma do Maracanã, a segunda em menos de 10 anos) e bilhões são investidos em obras de fachada para inglês ver, e nada, ou praticamente nada é investido em saúde, educação, segurança e transporte. Ainda quer vir para o Brasil para a Copa do Mundo?

Não vou comentar o assassinato do jovem Douglas, dançarino do programa de TV da Rede Globo, possivelmente por policiais militares da UPP da Favela Pavão-Pavãozinho nesta terça-feira, e que provocou a revolta dos moradores dessas comunidades contra essa polícia fascista, criminosa e covarde. Um laudo do IML apontou que Douglas sofreu “hemorragia interna decorrente de laceração pulmonar decorrente de ferimento transfixante do tórax”, decorrente de “ação pérfuro-contundente”, o que confirma a versão de que o rapaz foi atingido por uma bala. O caso já ganhou destaque nos principais sites e jornais de notícias do mundo, mostrando a verdadeira face desse país de Terceiro Mundo, subdesenvolvido (não existe isso de “emergente”, o Brasil é subdesenvolvido mesmo), mergulhado no caos, na violência e na corrupção, mas que sonha entrar para o Primeiro Mundo pela porta dos fundos realizando eventos internacionais como a Copa do Mundo e as Olimpíadas. A realização de uma Copa do Mundo vale a dignidade, a saúde e a vida de milhões de brasileiros pobres?

Infelizmente, para políticos como Sérgio Cabral, Geraldo Alckmin, Eduardo Paes e Dilma Roussef a resposta é sim.


Death of dancer prompts deadly clashes in Rio

Reblogged from The Guardian:


The suspicious death of a young dancer prompted a deadly shoot-out in Rio de Janeiro on Tuesday night as favela residents set barricades ablaze and clashed with riot police.

With less than two months before the start of the World Cup, the violence in the Copacabana resort highlights the security concerns facing the city, as well as the players, coaches and hundreds of thousands of supporters expected to visit during the tournament. The protest was sparked by the death of Douglas Rafael da Silva Pereira, whose body was found in a school during a police operation in the Pavão-Pavãozinho favela. Friends and family members suspect the 26-year-old professional dancer was mistaken for a drug trafficker and beaten to death.

Douglas was a well-known figure in the community, as he was a dancer on a TV show for Brazil’s Globo network, the nation’s largest channel. The circumstances of his death aren’t clear, but residents blame police. Pereira’s mother said her son’s body was covered in bruises. A preliminary police report, however, said the injuries were “compatible with a fall.”

Disbelieving favela residents took to the streets in protest, blocking key roads in Copacabana and exchanging gunfire with riot police. According to local media, one man was killed by a shot to the head. The circumstances of his death are as yet unclear. The clashes disrupted traffic, forced the partial closure of the General Osório metro station in Ipanema and led to power cuts in some neighbourhoods before order was restored.



4Blood stained streets at the scene of where protesters allege a child was shot by police.



The images will alarm tourists and World Cup organisers, who anticipate more than half a million visitors for the month-long tournament. The England team will be based slightly further along the coast in São Conrado, which sits below Brazil’s biggest favela, Rocinha.

But of longer-term concern for residents are the growing signs that the city’s ambitious favela “pacification” program – which aims to seize back control of slums from drug traffickers – is unravelling as a result of persistent inequality, broken promises, organised crime and police violence. Pavão-Pavãozinho was one of the earliest of the dozens of complexes that were supposed to have been reclaimed by the authorities. But in recent months there has been a spate of attacks on police stations in several of these communities. Security chiefs say this is the result of a co-ordinated effort by drug traffickers. Many residents, however, say the police are to blame, citing several high profile cases of killings in detention and during clearance operations.

Recent history gives them cause for suspicion. For more than two decades up to 2008, Rio’s military police registered a death for every 23 arrests. Amnesty International estimates that Brazilian police kill about 2,000 people each year. After the start of the pacification program in 2008, Rio saw a fall in police killings and overall crime rates. Last year, however, saw an downturn of several key public safety indicators and confidence in the police. Several murders by police were only acknowledged after public protests.

Friends of Douglas Pereira believe the dancer was the latest victim, and yet another reason to doubt the pacification program. “The police beat my friend to death, just like they’ve tortured and killed in other communities,” said Johanas Mesquita, a 23-year-old resident of Pavão-Pavãozinho told the Associated Press. “This effort to pacify the favelas is a failure, the police violence is only replacing what the drug gangs carried out before.”

UPPs are a farce


Pavão-Pavãozinho is one of the poor neighbourhoods of Rio that has been part of the recent UPP (Pacifying Police Unit), a “pacification” programme, in which police move into an area in an effort to wrest control from the drug traffickers who run it. It is an attempt by the city authorities to drive the heavily armed gangs away from the communities and restore police authority ahead of the football World Cup in June and July. So far, 37 such “police pacification units” have been created covering an area with a population of 1.5 million people

But the programme is controversial as Brazilian police have been accused of using excessive force, at times killing residents not connected to any gangs. Amnesty International says some 2,000 people die every year in Brazil as a result of police violence. “This effort to pacify the favelas is a failure; the police violence is only replacing what the drug gangs carried out before,” resident Johanas Mesquita told the Associated Press news agency. Source: and

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