My new blog Mos Eisley Chronicles

Posted: July 16, 2016 in movies, news


Hi! I’m sorry if you a follower or just a visitor of All That I Love, but this blog is closed for now. I’m very busy with other projects and my time is very short to deal with all, and something has to be put offside. That’s why I’m not updating All That I Love anymore, or my other movies blogs Cult Movies and Assim Era Hollywood in Portuguese (my native language, because I’m a Jedi Master from Brazil), but only my new blog Mos Eisley Chronicles, full dedicated to Star Wars and its Extended Universe.

So, doesn’t matter if you are just a padawan, or a Jedi Master, or a Lord Sith or a Knight of Ren, if you love Star Wars such as I, please consider visit or follow my new blog Mos Eisley Chronicles to get the newest news about the Star Wars Universe and to see my exclusive animated gifs from the Star Wars movies and videos.


Mos Eisley Chronicles is now on Facebook, and you can follow Mos Eisley Chronicles on Facebook too just clicking here.


Mos Eisley Chronicles it’s been updating with many news from the upcoming Star Wars movies Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Star Wars Episode VIII and the Han Solo Anthology Film. Thank you for follow or visit All That I Love. I hope you follow or visit Mos Eisley Chronicles too. Hope to see you soon.



Marcio Kenobi (mkenobi)






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