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Happy Holidays

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It’s time to rest and enjoy family and friends.

My very special thanks to all visitors and followers of All That I Love for the 700.00 Hits to this Blog since May 2011! I hope you enjoyed of what you saw on All That I Love and return here whenever you want.

If you’ve been a good boy or a good girl all year, I hope you get many gifts this holiday season.



I’ll see you in 2014.

Peace and hope. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


All power to the People. Ukraine, we are all together!


For weeks hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians have taken to the streets to protest president Viktor Yanukovych’s refusal to sign a deal that would have brought the country closer to full EU membership. Demonstrations became violent two weekends ago when security forces cracked down on anti-government protesters who had taken control of entire sections of the city, including Independence Square, the heart of the country’s 2004 Orange Revolution, as well as the main City Hall building. Reporter from VICE Tim Pool is on the ground in Kiev livestreaming the increasingly violent revolt.


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The Untouchables – A shock photography project for the protection of children

“Los Intocables“, or The Untouchables, is a shock photography project created by the Cuban photographer Erik Ravelo and the Brazilian artistic director Daniel Ferreira, to raise awareness of child protection, and about the various attacks against children through the world: sexual abuse, shootings in American schools, sex tourism, war or nuclear disaster or even obesity and fast food and black market organ trade.

The children are depicted in a vulnerable pose, pinned up against the backs of adults in a pose reminiscent of the crucifixion. The subheading to this provocative series is: “The Right to Childhood Should be Protected”. Ravelo attempts to speak for those who cannot properly articulate their pain. The sick, twisted games that adults play can come at a cost to future generations and Ravelo’s series gives a voice to those children who get caught in the crossfire.  Source:

Updated on June 12, 2014: The original making of video from The Untouchables was removel from YouTube and the artist page was banned from Facebook. But I found one short video on this channel.








brazil-soccer-violence-11An injured fan is carried on a stretcher after clashes with team fans during a Brazilian league soccer match between Atletico Paranaense and Vasco da Gama in Joinville, southern Brazil, on this Sunday, December 8. Photo: Carlos Moraes, Agencia O Dia/Associated Press.


Months ago, a large part of the Brazilian people – at least the conscious and well informed part – raise up from their chair and gone to the streets to protest against the World Cup 2014 in Brazil. Meantime, another part of the population still remains alienated or manipulated by the media and government authorities – who will use the event only for its own benefit and to profit from sponsors and overpriced works – still thinking that it’s very pretty that a country with serious problems in infrastructure and poor public services burn tons of money in football stadiums and in creating works that will not bring any benefit to the population, increasingly abandoned by its rulers. Read more clicking here.

Aside from the popular protests that since June took to the streets against the World Cup and caused scenes of destruction and police violence ever seen in the country since the days of the military dictatorship, the scandals with the overpricing of the works – such as the billionaire reform of the Maracanã stadium – stage of the World Cup final – and excesses of governments of capital cities that will host world Cup matches, as Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, have served even more to increase the chorus of dissatisfied with the realization of the World Cup in Brazil. Read more clicking here.

Besides the risk of an epidemic of dengue fever during the hosting of the World Cup in 2014 (read more clicking here), on November 27 in São Paulo, part of the structure of Itaquerão stadium, which is being built to host the World Cup opening ceremony, collapsed, killing two workers and causing negative repercussions in the international media with works being carried out hurriedly and without adequate supervision. Read more clicking here and here.

On this Sunday, the final round of the Brazilian soccer championship, which has had as champion Cruzeiro MG, was marked by the savagery of some fans of Vasco da Gama (RJ) and Atlético (PR), which fought in the bleachers of Joinville Arena in disgraceful scenes of violence that won the world and showed, among other embarrassments, why Brazil should not host a world Cup.

Violence and savagery in the country of the World Cup

Due to a security issue – The Public Ministry of Paraná banned the presence of Military Police inside the stadiums – fans of Vasco da Gama and Atlético-PR clashed in the bleachers of Joinville Arena. The game was crucial for both teams: Vasco was struggling against relegation to the second division and Atlético for a berth among the teams that will compete in the Libertadores Cup, the most important South American tournament, next year. Four fans were injured and taken to hospital. Estevão Viana, 24, William Batista, 19, and Gabriel Ferreira Vitael, 20, are the three fans who were hospitalized on this Sunday. Diogo Cordeiro da Costa Ferreira, 29, also came to be taken to hospital, but as he did not suffer serious injuries, was cleared by doctors.






The care to the wounded mobilized even a helicopter that landed on the lawn of Joinville Arena to remove the fans who had to go to the hospital. The police, when entered the stadium and managed to contain the fight, also provided relief to the victims of violence, helping to get them out of the place. The fight between fans of the two teams started at 17 minutes of the first time and it took many time to be contained because there were no police inside the stadium. The Military Police was acting only outside of the Joinville Arena. Internally, there were only private security hired by Atlético-PR for the game this Sunday.






Because of the fight, full of shocking images, the game was paralyzed for more than 1 hour. After the intervention of the MP, who controlled the confusion and took over the policing inside the stadium, including an increase in effective, the referee could restart the match. In the end, Atlético-PR beat Vasco by 5-1 and Vasco will play in the second division next year.

Watch the violence (warning: shocking images):


The savagery broadcasted live received great prominence in international media and increased the fear of the foreigners that will come to Brazil with safety inside and outside the stadiums. Read more: The Guardian, The Washington Post, El Pais, The Telegraph.

la-marcaLa Marca, from Spain.

telegraphThe Telegraph, from England.