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Today, we are celebrating the Episode IV A New Hope 37th anniversary as well the 31th anniversary of Episode VI Revenge of the Jedi. Wait… What?

Two months early the released of Star Wars Episode VI: Revenge of the Jedi in theaters, George Lucas decided to change the title of the movie. He said at the time have taken this decision because a Jedi would not seek revenge, but was a marketing strategy of Lucasfilm, too, because there were a lot of piracy products of Star Wars named “Revenge of the Jedi”,  included some licensed products as the action figures from Kenner which had to remove all those toys named Revenge and change to new Return of the Jedi products…







This is one of many facts about Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi, that is turning 31 years today.

Watch the original teaser trailer for Revenge of the Jedi, which appeared in theaters before Star Wars creator George Lucas changed the name of the film to Return of the Jedi. This trailer features the completed Revenge of the Jedi logo, shows Luke wielding a blue lightsaber (in the final film, his Jedi weapon would have a green blade), and features a quick shot of Obi-Wan Kenobi before “spirit” effects were added.


Others facts about Episode VI: Return of the Jedi:

soloHan Solo Gets Killed!

While doing press amid the 1997 rerelease of “Jedi,” the press-adverse Harrison Ford claimed he wanted his character, who was frozen at the end of “Empire Strikes Back,” to die at the end of the second “Star Wars” sequel. “I thought it would give the movie weight and resonance. But George Lucas was not sympathetic,” Ford said, and unfortunately the oft-quoted quote doesn’t let on if the actor’s tongue was planted in his cheek. There is this clue, perhaps: The sound bite ends with a jocular — too jocular? — reference to the Ewoks. Quipped Ford of Lucas: “He didn’t want me killed by those teddy-bear guys”. Then again, there’s also this: Ford hasn’t really stopped talking about how he wanted his alter-ego offed. In 2010, he told ABC News that, unfortunately, Lucas saw no future in “dead Han toys.”

lynchDavid Lynch

David Lynch (“Twin Peaks”) offered that he passed on directing “Jedi” because, as it was reported at the time, “he didn’t think he’d have any leeway”. Lynch wound up putting his imprint on another epic fantasy/sci-fi flick, albeit one that failed to reach the lofty heights of “Jedi” — 1984’s critically assailed “Dune.” Anyone else think that film’s signature monster, the sandworm, would look right at home on Tatooine?

MCDFLYY FE001David Cronenberg

In 2007, David Cronenberg (“The Fly”) told MTV News 9 that he, too, had gotten a nibble about directing. But in a (brief) phone call with one of Lucas’ producers, he recalled, “I wasn’t enthusiastic enough obviously. I didn’t get a chance to think about whether it was a good idea or not. I blew it right away”. In 2007, David Cronenberg (“The Fly”) told MTV News 9 that he, too, had gotten a nibble about directing. But in a (brief) phone call with one of Lucas’ producers, he recalled, “I wasn’t enthusiastic enough obviously. I didn’t get a chance to think about whether it was a good idea or not. I blew it right away”. Anyone else think Cronenberg’s Brundlefly would fit in with the gangsters and bounty hunters packing Jabba’s palace?

MSDREOF EC078Planet Wookiee

Per “Star Wars” lore, Endor, the planet where the sun sets on the Empire, originally was to be populated by armies of Chewbacca’s towering kind until it proved easier to populate the set with armies of much smaller creatures. According to some fan allegations, the Ewoks were an intentional cash grab — kid-friendly characters “designed purely make money.”

You can read more facts and curiosities about Return of the Jedi clicking here.

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star-wars-episode-7April 29th, Pinewood Studios, UK – Writer/Director/Producer J.J Abrams (top center right) at the cast read-through of Star Wars Episode VII at Pinewood Studios with (clockwise from right) Harrison Ford, Daisy Ridley, Carrie Fisher, Peter Mayhew, Producer Bryan Burk, Lucasfilm President and Producer Kathleen Kennedy, Domhnall Gleeson, Anthony Daniels, Mark Hamill, Andy Serkis, Oscar Isaac, John Boyega, Adam Driver and Writer Lawrence Kasdan. Copyright and Photo Credit: David James.

After months of speculation, Disney and Lucasfilm have announced on April 29 the cast for “Star Wars: Episode VII”. Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill, and Harrison Ford will all reprise their roles as Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker, and Han Solo in the film. Joining them will be newcomer John Boyega, who will appear in FOX’s upcoming “24: Live Another Day” miniseries; Oscar Isaac (“Inside Llewyn Davis”); Adam Driver (“Girls”) and veteran actor from Bergman’s movies Max von Sydow. Boyega was among the actors rumored for the lead in the sequel. Driver is expected to play the main antagonist. His character has been described to be “in the vein of iconic Darth Vader.”

Not much is known about the film’s plot; however, it’s rumored that Harrison Ford will have quite a large role. Lucasfilm announced last week the new movies will deter from the expanded “Star Wars” universe. So, all the books, comics, and video games, cartoons, etc. released since “Star Wars: Episode VI: Return of the Jedi” that explain what happens after the film will have little to no impact on the sequels and spin-off movies going forward. “Star Wars: Episode VII” will be released Dec. 18, 2015.

Here’s the release:

The Star Wars team is thrilled to announce the cast of Star Wars: Episode VII.

Actors John Boyega, Daisy Ridley, Adam Driver, Oscar Isaac, Andy Serkis, Domhnall Gleeson, and Max von Sydow will join the original stars of the saga, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill, Anthony Daniels, Peter Mayhew, and Kenny Baker in the new film.

Director J.J. Abrams says, “We are so excited to finally share the cast of Star Wars: Episode VII. It is both thrilling and surreal to watch the beloved original cast and these brilliant new performers come together to bring this world to life, once again. We start shooting in a couple of weeks, and everyone is doing their best to make the fans proud.”

Star Wars: Episode VII is being directed by J.J. Abrams from a screenplay by Lawrence Kasdan and Abrams. Kathleen Kennedy, J.J. Abrams, and Bryan Burk are producing, and John Williams returns as the composer. The movie opens worldwide on December 18, 2015.

Source: http://StarWars.Com.

Star Wars Episode VII: The Ancient Fear?

Some reporting have revealed the working title for Star Wars Episode VII as The Ancient Fear. While this is yet to be officially verified, the reaction on Twitter has ranged from the underwhelmed to the cautiously optimistic, but what do you think about how Episode VII should be titled? Do you think The Ancient Fear sounds worthy of the franchise’s history, or it sounds worse than Phantom Menace?

Episode VII Day One

On May 16, filming has begun on the eagerly anticipated new Star Wars movie, which will reunite many of the original stars. Episode VII is being filmed at Pinewood Studios in Buckinghamshire, continuing the movie series’ tradition of working in the UK, although it is the first time Abrams has filmed outside the US. The director’s production company, Bad Robot, tweeted the hashtag #dayone and a photo of the film’s clapperboard.



I grew up watching episodes of “Lost in Space” and “Star Trek” on TV (our TV was still in black and white) in the early years of the 70s, but nothing, absolutely nothing I had seen before in the field of Science Fiction had prepared me for the emotion I would feel when in the Brazilian summer, in January 1978, my cousin and I went to the cinema to see a science fiction movie that had just premiered in the city. The emotion I felt when I saw that Imperial cruiser crossing the screen right in the first scene might only be equivalent to the emotion felt by those who first attended the space ballet created by Stanley Kubrick’s “2001 – A Space Odyssey”.




37 years later, here I am, writing about “Star Wars” and remembering the past, and creating expectations for upcoming films, the first, “Episode VII”, having already been announced for December 18, 2015. I hope to be alive when “Episode IX” make its debut in theaters in 2021, and have myself the satisfaction of having watched all the “Star Wars” movies when they were shown in the theaters. I do not know how the cinema will be six years from now, but the thrill of watching a “Star Wars” movie will be the same I felt in January 1978. As the movies magic, the magic of “Star Wars” is eternal . As Master Yoda said, “always in motion is the future.”

May the Force be with you. It’s celebration time!

Portuguese text: Eu cresci vendo episódios de “Perdidos no Espaço” e “Jornada nas Estrelas” na TV (nossa TV ainda era em preto e branco naquela época) nos primeiros anos da década de 70, mas nada, absolutamente nada que eu já tinha visto antes em matéria de ficção científica havia me preparado para a emoção que eu iria sentir quando no verão brasileiro, em janeiro de 1978, eu e meu primo fomos ao cinema para ver um filme de ficção científica que tinha acabado de estrear na cidade. A emoção que eu senti ao ver aquele cruzador imperial atravessar a tela logo na primeira cena talvez só seja equivalente à emoção sentida por quem assistiu pela primeira vez o balé espacial criado por Stanley Kubrick em “2001 – Uma Odisseia no Espaço”.

37 anos depois, aqui estou eu, escrevendo sobre “Guerra nas Estrelas” e lembrando o passado, e ao mesmo tempo criando expectativas para os próximos filmes, sendo o primeiro, “Episode VII”, já tendo sido anunciado para 18 de Dezembro de 2015. Eu espero estar vivo quando “Episódio IX” estrear, em 2021, e ter a satisfação de ter assistido todos os filmes de “Star Wars” quando foram exibidos no cinema. Não sei como serão os cinemas daqui a seis anos, mas a emoção de se assistir um filme de “Star Wars” será a mesma que eu senti lá em janeiro de 1978. Como a magia do cinema, a magia de “Star Wars” é eterna. Como dizia Mestre Yoda, “always in motion is the future”.

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20th Century Fox announced the cast of its new sci-fi production that promises to shake up the galaxy in the summer of 1977! Wait… What??? Yes! Directly from the time tunnel here are some notice press about the pre-production of Episode 4 and others curiosities from the release of the first saga movie that is turning 37 years today.

In July 14th, 1975, the 20th Century Fox announced the start date of the film, which was then called “The Star Wars.”


An early press clipping announcing the production team of “Star Wars”.


Another early announcement for “The Star Wars”:


The casting announcement for Mark Hamill, who was making his feature film debut, called his character “Luke Starkiller”.


Another casting announcement for Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher mentioned that Fisher was the daughter of Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher, and Ford was to play a “starpilot.” 


The headline on the casting announcement for Alec Guinness, who played Obi-Wan Kenobi, shows that his role was expected to be the biggest in the film.


Veteran sci-fi actor Peter Cushing got some love from Variety in 1976. Buried in the announcement was that of the actor playing Darth Vader – “a huge masked villain” – played by David Prowse, who starring as Frankenstein twice.


One lucky fan got this ticket stub to see a special sneak preview of “Star Wars” on May 24, 1977, which was one day before the release of the film:


This advertisement from 20th Century Fox announces how the film would sound and look.


One of the early newspaper reports on the success of “Star Wars”:


This is a full-page ad that the very collegial Steven Spielberg created for his long-time friend George Lucas applauding him on “Star Wars” beating “Jaws” box office record.

star-wars-9All images credits for The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences/ The Oscars on  Facebook.

This cake garnish is a cute crossover with the characters Carl and Ellie from Pixar/Disney animation movie Up dressed as Han and Leia in Episode IV. Have a nice Sunday. May the Force be with you!