Star Wars 35th Anniversary

Posted: May 25, 2012 in cinema, movies
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A long time ago, in a theater far, far away…

I was only 7 years old when I went with my cousin to the theater to see a movie about spaceships, heroes, villains, robots and a princess in danger.

There was no internet, dvd or personal computer at that time. And now it seems that was so long long time ago for many of us who lived that time. But for me that moment in the dark room of the theater still is one of the most pleasant memories of my childhood. “Star Wars” made me fall in love with the series of films that somehow would be part of my life awakening my passion for science fiction and increasing my love for movies.

This Friday, the original “Star Wars” (or, “Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope”, if you must) turns 35.

It’s hard to believe that today, May 25th, it will be exactly 35 years since “Star Wars” was first introduced to the world. I wonder if anyone back then had any idea about how that movie and all the ones that followed in the series would affect the world and multiple generations like it did. It’s truly a movie that has inspired and united geeks around the world, and that inspiration is as strong today as ever.

You know I’m a huge “Star Wars” fan here on All That I Love (by the way, who in his right mind calls himself as Kenobi if not a fanatic for “Star Wars”?) and I hope this passion never ends although all remixes, re-re-releases and re-re-visions made by George Lucas about his movies. And excuse me, Mr. Lucas, but Greedo didn’t shoot first!!!

All Jedi through the Galaxy are celebrating this day:

Join us and travel through the tunnel of time with two timeline about the “Star Wars” history. And may the Force be With You!

STAR WARS on Wikipedia:

Enjoy the gallery:

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